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Making Our Website Even More Useful

Making Our Website Even More Useful

Making Our Website Even
More Useful

If you regularly use The Pond Guy® Website, you have probably noticed some changes happening on our product pages! We are in the process of updating every product on our website to make it better and more helpful for you. Below are some of the upgrades we’ve been doing:

  • Tech Specs Tab – You will find all of the product dimensions, manuals and how to’s on this tab.
  • Usage Tab – Need to know which size to purchase? You can look at dosage rates and application methods before you buy. Product Labels and MSDS are also available here.
  • Parts Tab – Not sure where to find replacement parts? Take a look at your original product page to see if we have the part available.
  • Videos Tab – We’re busy working on product videos to add to our website. Over time, you’ll see this tab populated.

We hope you find our website is becoming even more useful to you. We are constantly updating our pages to make them better for you. Keep checking back in during 2014 to see what we’ve been up to!

Pond Talk: What other recommendations do you have for us?

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The Pond Guy Wants To Ask You A Question Regarding thepondguy.com. – Q & A

I thank you all for the incredible feedback to my last post regarding the Q & A’s. You can be assured that we will continue this program into 2009.

The Pond Guy Needs Your Help!
We strive to provide you the best tools, information and products to help you create or maintain your pond, lake or decorative water garden and we know we can be better with your help. So, with that said, I have another couple questions to ask you in regards to our website: www.thepondguy.com. We are in the process of redesigning and I would like your input. Please don’t be afraid to critique our website. I want to make this the best pond site I can for pond owners.

1.) What features can we place on our website that would allow it to be more pond owner friendly?

2.) When coming to our website, does it contain all of the information you are looking for? If not, what can we do better?

I am looking forward to hearing your comments. Please post any of your thoughts on the blog post here. Thanks again!