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  1. I started up my water fountain pond after the winter shutdown…when I started it up..the pump was pumping the water up..it was coming over the rocks..yet also spewing water out around the filter’s screwed on lid..can you help me with why the water is coming out. I have even had a stronger man screw the lid on..yet it still sprays out on one side of the cap..Help!!!

    • Hi Paula – I’m not sure what of filter you have but it sounds like there is either an obstruction preventing the water from coming out where it is supposed to or possible a seal that may either be missing or need to be replaced.

  2. so what is the best way?

    • Hi Thomas – Is that a particular question you were looking to have answered?

  3. I keep my aireater going all the time 24 hrs. a day 7 days a week and I see my fish swimming through the bubbles continualy I also have a large heater in my pond that keeps my pond water at about 40- 45 degrees all winter .I feed my fish every three days using spring and fall food I also throw in lettice from the heart of the head and have had no problems with winter die off or anything other problems so I an quite happy .I live in Windsor Ontario so our weather gets rather cold at times but my fish pond is doing very well , several of my friends are also using my practice and are also seeing the same results with their ponds

  4. It is difficult here in rural Kansas to find either gypsum or aluminum sulfate in quanity. Shipping is a killer. I can’t find any place close enough to southeast Kansas to drive through and back, and a good way to apply it to the pond.

  5. What is the best and the cheapest ways to clear turbidity from suspended clay? Where can I get economical aluminum sulfate in quanity

    • Gypsum binds fine clay particulate and sinks it to the bottom of your pond. Also, note that if you have any bottom dwelling fish (ie: catfish, carp/koi) they are down there kicking up tons of clay into the water column. Check with your local gravel pits & landscape supply yards.

  6. what is the easiest, quickest and less messy way to clean and keep clean bottom of small backyard pond (200gallon). I have fish, it is preformed with plants all over. Best to go filter out of water or get one that goes to the bottom. Bottom ones muck up in one to two days it seems and I get tired of cleaning them. using Bacteria as well and changing the water about 1/3 weekly due to severe hot water.

    • It sounds like a pond vacuum might be a big help for you: http://www.thepondguy.com/product/oase-pond-o-matic-xl-pond-vacuum.

      The problem with excess pond muck and debris is that they keep clogging your filters, which forces you to constantly clean and rinse the filter media. This media is what houses the beneficial bacteria that breaks down muck and organic waste. Since your bacteria can not get properly situated the debris keep piling on. Your best bet is to use a vacuum or drain and fully clean out the pond for a fresh start. If muck accumulates rapidly in the pond, you may want to start looking at your filtration setup / fish capacity as this is a sign that your filters can not break down waste as quickly as it is being introduced. Typically a really quick vacuum every week or two should be enough to keep the pond in tip top shape.

  7. We live about 30 feet above a natural lake and wish to build a water fall that uses the lake for the intake of water and return the water into the lake. Is this a possiable water feature with out a pond or any sort. We wish to create the sound of falling water over stone, etc?

    • It is possible but you are fighting a lot of gravity on this one. Every foot of vertical lift & every ten feet of horizontal travel is considered one foot of head pressure. The more head pressure your pump deals with, the smaller the flow rate. You will have to do some measuring to see how far and high you have to pump the water to deliver it to your feature. Take this into consideration: a 12,500GPH pump (requiring a 230volt power source and running at 2,000 watts) has a max head pressure of about 50′. At this pressure you will only be able to move 4,800GPH.(gallons per hour). A pump this size will run you around $1,200 and cost a bit of money to run. Depending on the scope of your project this might be a deal breaker or it might be just the thing you are looking for. If you utlized the full 30′ vertical lift that would leave you enough wiggle room to run a horizontal span of 200 feet to get to your desired location.

      Also, keep in mind, for every 1 foot in width you build the waterfall, you will want to deliver around 2,000GPH of water to create a descent effect. If your pump puts out 4,800GPH in max conditions, you will only want to build the stream at around 2 feet in width (or run an additional pump).

      Another option would be to build a pondless waterfall. To make one, you simply dig a hole (reservoir), fill it with basin matrix boxes (create a structure without hogging up the basin volume) and cover it with stones. The pump sits in a vault in the reservoir & pumps water to the top of your waterfall. The water travels down the fall, runs through the gravel and back into the underground reservoir. No pond to deal with, just the sound of falling water. You can check out some of the kits here: http://www.thepondguy.com/product/pondbuilder-elite-cascading-falls-pondless-kits or give us a call and we can help you build a custom version.

  8. if you use karmex (1cup per 1/4 acre )in a pond is it safe for swimming
    is late may too late to use this.

    • Karmex is not intended for use against aquatic vegetation and it is against federal regulations to apply Karmex in ponds, waterways and wetlands. Please reference page 2 of the Karmex DF label under Environmental Hazards.

  9. Hello, I have asmall.lake about 3 acres and haveing a hard time keeping it clear lots of stringe vegetation . and it looks like a lit brown in color . And keeping water in it sence the drought it has a slow down grade to it. Thanks for any help . Ken

    • Hi Ken,

      The light brown color may just be due to suspended organic material (muck) or reflection of the muck accumulation. Aeration and natural bacteria will help reduce that organic material. As for the vegetation it will depend on the type as to how to best treat it. You may want to e-mail us a picture of the weeds you would like to control and we could assist you better with how to remove it.

  10. Will the adult koi eat my babies, if so what do i do to protect them?

    • Hi Bea,

      It is possible that the adult koi may eat some of the babies however you can reduce this chance by having aquatic plants, hollow areas between rocks, or any areas where the small babies would be able to hide out until they grow in size.

  11. We live on a small, 2-2.5 acre lake in Dallas, Tx. There are about 16 homes on it. We’re having problems with the sago pond weed for the 2nd year in a row, along with algae. Are there some type of fish that thrive on alga and pond weed?



    • Hi Donna,

      Some customers do use grass carp in their ponds to help maintain weed growth however they are illegal to use in many areas and should not be your complete management program. Adding aeration to your pond would help increase oxygen content so the muck accumulation in the pond would decompose faster. The addition of natural bacteria would further increase this as well. With prevention methods in place chemical control can be used to obtain a temporary relief. This method may be a little more time consuming then adding a few fish however you will end up with a healthier pond in the end.

  12. is it unusual to have baby kois this early? How do u tell the male from the females? When it gets spring i wil have about 20 baby koi’s. My friend next door wanted to put his tellow butterfly imy pond to see if tshe could get breed. I nee some advice.

    • Phyllis,

      Generally Koi will spawn in spring to early summer. Cooler water temperatures followed by a warm up will often trigger the spawning. Trying to tell the male from the females when they are young is very difficult. As the females mature, they have a more rounded body shape. They are considered sexually mature when their body length is around 10 inches or longer. Watching the fish and seeing which fish lays eggs will give you a positive ID of the female and the males will be chasing the females.

      Koi will interbreed with Goldfish, however the hybrid offspring will be fertile. I would be cautious as well that the fish that you are introducing into your pond are in good health before placing them in your pond with your fish. Enjoy your babies, they will be fun to watch!

      Thanks for your question,
      Sue S.

  13. I have what I believe to be Chara. It looks exactly like it except it is brown. Does this mean it is dead and I should remove it with a pond rake? I hesitate because I don’t want it to spread. Does pond weed look like Chara except it is brown? I used copper sulfate twice this season, once in June and again the end of August. Should I apply Cutrine Plus granual or just pull this out?

    • Hi Julie, Sometimes Chara can be confused with a few other weeds, however Chara will feel gritty and have a distinctive odor where other pond weeds will just smell like pond water. If the plant is completely brown, you can rake it out. If there is any green, you will want to treat with Cutrine first and kill it before raking it. After killing and raking, following up with the use of aeration and natural bacteria. This will help to reduce any of the weeds you couldn’t rake, as well as debris that has already accumulated in the pond. If you are unsure if you have Chara, you can use our Weed ID Guide or mail us a sample in a dry paper towel and we can identify it for you. Let us know how these tips work out for you. Thanks!


    • Karen,

      A few questions in order to help you select a filter.

      1.) What is the approximate length, width, and depth of your water garden?
      2.) How many fish do you have?
      3.) Is this a preformed pond or a liner pond?

      Please let me know and I will try and get back with you as soon as possible.



  15. I need help! My water is very hard & high PH and my plants are turning yellow & brown.. The fish seem OK right now but with the high PH I am worried all is gonna crash soon. I want to do a water change as I have tried everything else to fix the problem. Do they make a product like a filter that will fit on the end of a garden hose so when I fill the pond with my well water it will filter it first. I used bottled conditioners and they will not bring it down to a safe reading. Please advise.

    • What I use to control my pond is Vinegar for high PH or Backing soda for low ph, You will have to test your PH and keep on trying.It’s a lot cheaper than bottle chemicals.I got this info from a guy who installs pools for a living.It works.

      • Hello Richard,

        Pools are different than ponds with fish. Vinegar, which is acetic acid, is actually toxic to fish — it is an eye and gill irritant. The use of baking soda is not recommended. It will adjust the pH level too quickly; that sudden increase in the pH will be detrimental to the fish. pH should be either raised or lowered by no more than 0.5 units every 24 hours. A range between 6.8 and 8.0 is ideal in garden ponds.

        The pH in your pond will fluctuate over a 24 hour period. Test the pond’s pH at the same time of day for an accurate reading, preferably in the morning. Attempting to regulate pH levels without tracking the daily readings may result in an unnecessary — and possibly dangerous — altering of your pond.

      • that sounds great. but do you have fish in your pond? dont want to harm the fish i have now. some one said that vinegar is toxic. i would love to try this because to buy ph down is so costly. thank you for the idea. but let me know please.

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