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We’ve been keeping our fish indoors for the winter and have filtration. Do we need to use any chemicals? | Decorative Ponds & Water Gardens Q & A

Q: We've been keeping our fish indoors for the winter and have filtration. Do we need to use any chemicals?

Q: We’ve been keeping our fish indoors for the winter and have filtration. Do we need to use any chemicals?

Shiela – Norton, VA

A:  No doubt your finned friends are enjoying the cozy indoors during the chilly winter season. With your tank’s filtration system turned on, you’re mechanically cleaning the fishes’ aquatic abode – which is a great first step – but there are a few more things you can do to make their stay inside a pleasant one. Here’s what we recommend.

No Chemicals Necessary

Unless your holding tank receives a lot of sunlight, you won’t need chemical treatments, like algaecides or water clarifiers. They’re not necessary, particularly if you use beneficial bacteria, stress reducer and an aeration system.

Boost Your Bacteria

Natural beneficial bacteria, like those found in The Pond Guy® Liquid Clear™, will keep your tank water clean (and give your mechanical filtration system a break!), so pour some into the tank. The tiny microbes activate as soon as they hit the water, multiplying every 20 to 40 minutes and digesting dead organics in the water. The result: crystal clear water and happy fish.

Condition the Water

A stress reducer, like The Pond Guy® Stress Reducer Plus, will help your fish enjoy their indoor stay, too. The water conditioner fortifies your fish’s slime coat, which is the natural slime secretion that’s lost when its stressed. It also removes heavy metals, chlorine and chloramines from tap water, making it safe for underwater living.

Aerate and Circulate

In addition to beneficial bacteria and stress reducer, you should also drop in some air stones into the tank and connect them to your aeration system. Because your fish are living in a smaller space, they’ll need even more oxygen than they did in your pond. Our PondAir™ Aeration Kits will infuse the water with plenty of fresh O2 for your fish until spring arrives again!

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4 Responses

  1. We have 7 koi, about 10″ long that we keep in a 600+ gallon koi pond. We live in Alabama where it gets slightly below freezing from time to time, so we have in the past kept them in the pond. However, this year we have had sub-zero temps for 2-3 nights on two different occasions, with temps not getting above freezing during the day. The waterfall and pond surface have not iced over, although the fountain did. The fish seem ok, although they are understandably lethargic because of reduced metabolism. Should we consider setting something up for them inside? What size tank should we get for this number and size koi?

    • Hi Cheryl – Since your cold weather only last for a short period of time it will most likely not be too much of an issue keeping them outside if the pond is not freezing. You may need to shut down some equipment to protect it during this time. The bigger issue usually comes if the pond freezes over for extended periods of time or freezes solid. I would may sure you limit or stop feedings during the colder temperatures though to protect the fish so there is not undigested food in their system if they are not very active.

  2. I’ve been using well water to fill my 100 gal fountain. It’s cloudy and brown I’m afraid to use city because of ther Chlorine, Any suggestions

    • Hi Carleton – You can use city water and unless there are fish the chlorine shouldn’t cause too much of an issue. There are chlorine removers though that you can add to the water.

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