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Top Blog Posts of 2016

Here are the Top Blog Posts of 2016, read by you!
Thank you for continuing to follow our blog. As always, if you have
questions or comments, please feel free to send them our way!
Wishing you a Happy New Year.

 Top Blog Posts for Ponds & Lakes

Top Blog Posts for Ponds & Lakes

Q: We always have snakes around my pond, except in winter. Where do they go?

Q: I have a lot of leaves blowing into my pond. Will the bacteria still work this time of year?

Q: I know herons are a common pond problem, but I think I have a raccoon. Will it eat my fish?

Q: My son wanted to know if crayfish can live in our pond. I think they can, right?

Q: We just bought a house with a half-acre pond. Where do we start?

 Top Blog Posts for Water Gardens

Top Blog Posts for Water Gardens

Q: Someone told me I need to do the Jar Test. What is that?

Q: What do you really mean when you say fish are “dormant” for the winter? Do they actually sleep?

Q: My water lilies have lots of leaves but no flowers. What’s wrong?

Q: We’ve decided to shut down the pond this winter. Do we just take out the pump and filter?

Q: Is it OK to continue feeding my fish summer food and just feed them less of it?

Happy New Year


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