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I need a net to protect my pond from leaves. Which one works the best? | Decorative Ponds & Water Gardens Q&A

Q: I need a net to protect my pond from leaves. Which one works the best?

Q: I need a net to protect my pond from leaves. Which one works the best?

Richard – Davenport, IA

A: Colorful fall leaves are beautiful, but once they start falling, they can be a hassle—especially when you have a backyard pond. When they drop into the water, they turn it into leaf tea, add to the nutrient load, and as they break down, build up as muck on the pond bottom.

A net is your best option for protecting your pond from leaves. The type that will work best for you will depend on how you answer these questions:

  1. What types of leaves are you battling?
    If you have trees with small needles or leaves, like locust or pine, you’ll need a small mesh net — like Fine Mesh Netting — to catch all those tiny needles while still allowing sun to shine through. If you have larger leaves, like maple or oak, go with a stronger net that can handle their weight, like Premium Protective Netting.
  2. How concerned are you about your water garden’s aesthetic appeal?
    If you want something that will shelter your pond while allowing you to enjoy the view, check out some Economy Netting or Premium Pond Netting. They’re both easy to install, and they won’t block your view—but you will have to keep the leaves cleaned off to prevent the net from sagging. If you have a heavier leaf load, however, you might require a stronger net, like one of our Pond Cover Nets. Your view won’t be as naturalistic, but the net will protect your pond and reduce your extra fall chores.
  3. How long to you hope to use the net?
    Sometimes, a quick-fix, inexpensive solution is what you need. In that case, plastic Economy Netting designed for single-season use fits the bill. Cover your pond for the season, and when the snow starts falling, remove it and toss it. If you’re looking for something you can use season after season, however, consider Premium Protective Netting or netting with sturdy framework. It might cost more initially, but its durability will pay for itself in the long run.

With several different netting options there is one to fit just about any pond owner’s needs, choose one that’ll keep your pond leaf free.

Pond Talk: What kind of net do you have on your water garden?

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4 Responses

  1. I have a hard time accepting the statement: ” a net won’t fit my pond” – even though mine is about 18 x 23 feet, “kinda” kidney shaped, with edge plantings, a small cascade and an overhanging deck.

    Can anyone tell me how to rig a portable, collapsible or seasonally movable framework to hold the net out of the water when it freezes for winter?

    • Hi Byron – Nycon Big Top Cover Nets go up to a 17′ X 24′ so you may be able to make that work. Otherwise I would look at The Pond Guy® Premium Mesh Net which offers sizes up to 30′ x 30′. They include stakes so you can stretch and stake the net in place. Other customers have used tent poles to create structure to keep the net further above the pond or have used large beach balls in the center of the pond to help keep the net out of the water.

      • This is a nice start to my quest, but I’ve already purchased a nice thin mesh net from your Pond catalog. The thing didn’t come with framework or bracement which is why I figure I need to make my own custom frame.
        The problem I’ve seen is that what you have to offer doesn’t fit my requirements well. I am searching for materials that I can install myself, custom fit together, but won’t throw away a lot of money on when I buy something too weak to hold the snow up, as I’m sure my fine mesh net will capture quite a bit of.
        I’m thinking PVC but not sure what size could support the weight. Ideally, I could make something out of aluminum or copper pipe, but the initial price may be prohibitive if I mess up on fits that wouldn’t conform to my pond edges.
        Other suggestions would be appreciated.

      • Pond netting really is only meant to be used during the fall months to keep the falling leaves out of the pond and should be taken down before snowfall. The fine mesh will work well to do that and PVC pipe will work for fall leaves though I would not be able to give you a particular diameter to use with confidence. If you are making a flat frame across the pond I would use a larger diameter or if you are making a tent style with a low pitch you may be able to get away with something smaller.

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