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Feeding Fish – 5 tips for making mealtime fun for you and your fish | Learning Center

One of the greatest joys of keeping koi or goldfish in a decorative pond is mealtime. When it’s time for the fish’s daily dose of food, they’ll swim right to shore and seem to beg for those tasty morsels! Of course you want to provide your fish with a diet that’s healthful, but choosing one can be a challenge. Here are 5 tips for making mealtime fun for you and your fish.

  1. Start Feeding Fish When the Weather Warms: Once your pond temperature reaches 40 degrees Fahrenheit, fish feeding can begin. During the colder months, your fish are hibernating and live off of their stored body fat so they will be hungry when spring arrives.
  2. Train Your Fish: Fish need a schedule. Feed them in the same area at roughly the same time each day. Eventually, they will show you that they are ready for food by rushing to greet you at the edge of the pond with their mouths open.
  3. Feed Pond Fish Slowly: At first, add only one or two pellets to the pond. This causes a ripple on the pond surface that will get the fish’s attention. Once the fish begin coming up for food, you can increase the amount of food given.
  4. Don’t Over Feed Your Fish: New fish may only be able to eat a small amount. Once they become more alert and accustomed to being fed, they may start to eat a little more. Don’t offer any more food than what your fish can eat in about five minutes.
  5. Use the Right Food: This one depends on what kind of fish you have. Some of the most popular pond fish for backyard water gardens are Goldfish and Koi. We recommend feeding based on temperature and overall goals.
    • For cooler temperatures, wheat germ based diets, like The Pond Guy® Spring & Fall Fish Food are packed with easy-to-digest plant matter. This formula is key for transitioning koi and goldfish in to and out of cold weather. Feed this food when water temperatures are between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Once temperatures reach 50 degrees Fahrenheit, color-enhancing foods like The Pond Guy® Growth & Vibrance, bring out the color in your fish, making the reds more vibrant, the blacks deeper and the oranges richer. These unique protein and nutrient-filled diets can be fed throughout the summer months. These foods also include extra protein for growing fish quickly.
    • If you aren’t looking to grow your fish you’ll want to change your fish’s diet to one that’s formulated with a balance of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. These fish foods, like The Pond Guy® Staple, contain protein, minerals and vitamins to help the fish develop muscle as it becomes more active during the summer months. These foods are especially important if you have young or growing fish.

Besides feeding your fish a healthful, balanced diet, you may wish to supplement it with some treats, like fresh watermelon or lettuce. Not only will your fish gobble them down, but you’ll also be developing a closer relationship with them, and ensure they’ll follow you around the pond at mealtime!

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