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The leaves are starting to change color here. What are my different pond netting options?| Decorative Ponds & Water Gardens Q & A

Q: The leaves are starting to change color here. What are my different pond netting options?

Q: The leaves are starting to change color here. What are my different pond netting options?

Ronny – Duluth, MN

A: The leaves may be changing color, but it’s not too soon to start thinking about how you’ll prevent those colorful autumn reminders from floating into your pond. Here are four popular pond-netting options outlined below.

PondShelter™ Cover Net

Have uneven ground around your pond? The PondShelter™ Cover Net offers the flexibility to provide pond coverage for irregular landscapes, thanks to its fully adjustable aluminum frame. Each of its four legs can be extended and locked to length, and they’re hinged to the center hub to adjust net pitch and discourage debris accumulation. In addition, the PondShelter™ includes a 16-foot-by-11-foot swath of 1/4-inch black mesh netting and 30 metal stakes to keep the structure securely in place.

Pond Protector

Designed for use around a pond built on level ground, the Pond & Water Garden Protector Net Kit keeps both leaves and predators out of your water garden. The structure’s domed shape allows debris to simply fall off while not smashing taller pond plants beneath the net. The 1/2-inch mesh net allows for maximum sunlight and optimum plant ventilation.

Premium Protective Pond Netting

If you’re looking for a net to blend in with your pond while keeping it debris-free, check out the Premium Protective Pond Netting. The flexible 5/8-inch black mesh netting is made from woven nylon for tremendous strength and durability that will last for many seasons. Stakes are included to secure your net over your pond and to the landscape.

Fine Mesh Pond Netting

If your pond tends to collect fine debris like pine needles, the Fine Mesh Pond Netting is the cover for you. Made with clear, heavy-duty 1/8-inch mesh in a variety of sizes to fit most ponds, the netting will keep your water garden protected from small, stubborn debris like pine needles while still allowing for sunlight penetration and aesthetic enjoyment. It comes with plastic stakes to keep it in place.

Remember that pond nets are intended to be used spring, summer and autumn – so be sure to remove it before heavy snow falls in the winter!

Pond Talk: How are you prepping your pond and backyard for the cooler weather?

Keep Leaves and Predators Out- The Pond Guy(r) PondShelter(t) Cover Net

6 Responses

  1. How do you place netting around pond plants? I have a very woodsy shady pond. I have yet to Add koi. This pond is located next to a creek and we have heron and Hawks as well as other creatures we might want to keep out. We think this 6 x 12 cement pond is where a water wheel for a mill sat, as our house is sitting on a former mill site. We’re trying to give this a go as fish pond.

  2. Why do I need to remove my net for the winter? When do you close for the season?

    • Hi Carol – Heavy snow or ice can cause the netting to collapse into the pond. This could be a potential danger to fish if they get caught in it. We tend not to look at our ponds as much in the winter, so it could be several days before you realize something is wrong and that could be too late for your fish.

      Our Armada store front closes October 31st for the season. We are available by phone and appointments can be made if you need to come to the store during the winter.

  3. I bought the Pond Shelter Cover and Net only to have it completely collapse in the first snow. You don’t say anything in your description that it is not usable where there is snow. I had to return mine.

    • Sorry to hear about the collapse Ferris. We did add the snow/ice notice to the product manual and to our website in early 2013 to address this. We now do not recommend any nets or covers being on the pond during ice or snow storms.

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