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Setting Pond Resolutions for 2014 | Ponds & Lakes Q&A

Setting Pond Resolutions for 2014

Setting Pond Resolutions for 2014

With the beginning of 2014 upon us, many people make resolutions. Let’s focus your resolution energy on improving your lake, pond or water garden. Here’s how to formulate some attainable goals—and actually reach them—when spring arrives.

Step 1 – Evaluate

First of all, realistically assess the situation in your pond and your experiences with it over 2013. What problems or challenges did you face? Did you have an out-of-control algae problem last spring? A fish population boom (or bust)? Did you slack off on your maintenance routine? Are you sick of looking at all those cattails?

As you’re brainstorming, make a list of these potential pond projects. Be as detailed as possible about what the problems were and the circumstances surrounding them.

Step 2 – Pick your Problem

With your list in hand, identify the problem (or problems) you’d like to fix—but pick only one or two to tackle. Then, research the topic(s) to get to the root of the situation and find out what’s causing the problem.

For instance, if you had crazy algae blooms last spring, perhaps you have excess nutrients in the water that need to be removed with a filter or broken down by beneficial bacterial. If a particular fish species is exploding in your lake, maybe you need to add some predator fish to keep the numbers in check. If your water temperatures are all over the place, aerating it could help. And if the cattails have taken over, it could be time to do some weed whacking.

Step 3 – Make a Plan

Next, formulate a plan—complete with easily attainable goals so you don’t get burned out or overwhelmed. Think manageable benchmarks rather than big-picture dreams.

Step 4 – Take Your Plan Into Action

Finally, take action before it’s too late. No pressure here—but time is of the essence, particularly with pond resolutions. Small problems, like the occasional algae bloom, can quickly become big problems and may even threaten the health of your lake or pond inhabitants.

Why wait? Before the weather warms, get a jump-start to the season by identifying problems, developing action plans, and readying the tools you’ll need. Then you’ll be able to get a hold of these issues before they’re in full swing so you can enjoy the season!

Pond Talk: Have you decided to make pond resolutions for the New Year? If so, what are they?

Happy New Year from The Pond Guy(r)

8 Responses

  1. was wondering if now would be a good time to spread about 20#
    of 10-10-10- over the 5″ of ice on our 5/8 acre pond???
    However in the spring i will be spreading grass seed all around the pond down to the shore and fertilizing also… maybe will be to much fertin’ huh?

    • Hi Ralph – We do not sell fertilizer for ponds or typically recommend fertilizing a pond (Mother Nature does a great job on her own). A quick online search shows that most pond fertilizers do not recommend adding fertilizer when water temps are below 60°F.

  2. I have a small koi pond–what are the first things I need to do in the spring after the ice is gone? Its a new pond built last summer–1500 gal–16 koi, thx

  3. Thank you! I have a concrete pond where it seems to need a new coating of that pond liquid rubber. I would love to break open the over hangs, (WHICH ARE OF ROCK AND CONCRETE), and finally install a liner which would lay over the edges. Lots of work to finally end yearly repairs. Question, is there a product that I could use to coat over the existing bonding to eliminate the need of repair?

  4. During the winter months the aerator is going, but is it necessary to scraper off the snow as well?

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