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Our nights have been chilly, when should I start using Seasonal Defense? | Decorative Ponds & Water Gardens Q & A

Q: Our nights have been chilly, when should I start using Seasonal Defense?

Q: Our nights have been chilly, when should I start using Seasonal Defense?

Liz – Schenevus, NY

A: Pond Logic® Seasonal Defense® contains aerobic bacteria that’s specially designed for cooler water. When used at this time of year, the waste-gobbling microorganisms break down dead foliage, fish waste and other sediment that have accumulated over the summer and fall. Seasonal Defense® gives you one last opportunity to clean up the muck before winter.

Switch at 50°F
Plan to switch to Seasonal Defense® once water temperatures dip below 50° Fahrenheit. Once the water falls to 40°F, however, discontinue using it until the spring after the spring ice melt, when the water temperature climbs back up to 40°F.

Spread the Love
Don’t just pile the Seasonal Defense® packets in one place. Disburse the packets around your pond to ensure even spread of the beneficial bacteria and breakdown of accumulated muck. Add some to the filter to concentrate and accelerate new bacteria growth on the filter media. Distribute them evenly—but, of course, follow the package recommendations for dosage rates.

Supplement Seasonal Defense®
To help out the Seasonal Defense®, make sure you keep up on your fall chores. Regularly check and clean out your skimmer basket, and remove any leaves or large pieces of debris that blow into the pond. This will encourage the bacteria to focus their energy on the fine organic material and muck.

And if you don’t have one in place already, install some Pond Netting or a PondShelter™ to prevent leaves from falling into your water garden in the first place. This preventive maintenance step will save you time—and make Seasonal Defense®’s job easier.

Pond Talk: How are water temperatures in your neck of the woods? Is winter coming early this year?

Accelerate Fall Debris Decomposition - Pond Logic(r) Seasonal Defense(r)

4 Responses

  1. I have a 2600 gal pond and we leave the pump on all the time… We clean our filters everyday in the summer but once a week in the colder month..Should I use seasonal defense? We have 2 Koi that possibly weigh 15 lbs each… the rest is mixed gold fish and koi . Should I turn the pump off periodically?

    • Hi Nelle – Seasonal Defense helps if you have extra leaves and other debris in the pond, it helps to break these items down. Your pump is intended to run 24-7. If you are looking to save money by turning it off, we would recommend have an aeration system (like the PondAir™ or KoiAir™) in the pond to keep oxygen in the pond.

  2. I have used the DefensePAC for quite a few years with great results. This year I noticed that the dosage directions on my new bottle of Seasonal Defense have changed. They may have been changed for quite a while but this is the first time I noticed the change.The original directions had different dosage rates for the spring and the fall. Also the timframe for application was a 4 week period. For example: for 2,500+ gallons use 4 packets for the first two weeks and then 2 packets for the next 2 weeks for the Fall. Spring was just the opposite. Why the change to 3 packets weekly as per the “new” bottle?

    • Hi Byron – Seasonal Defense® usage recommendations changed last year to become easier for people to dose. If the old way worked for you, you can continue to use it as such, the formulation of the product did not change.

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