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Aeration For ALL Seasons | Learning Center

Installing an aeration system in your pond or lake is key for creating the perfect pond whether you use your pond for swimming, fishing or just for looks. The benefits provided by bottom diffused aeration will keep your water clean, clear and balanced all season long.

Spring Head Start
The increased oxygen and circulation provided by spring aeration will help evenly warm the water body and encourage the colonization of beneficial aerobic bacteria. These bacteria are responsible for preventing muck and nutrient accumulation and maintain clear water.

Summer Perfection
By reducing nutrients in your water body, weeds and algae have less food available to grow and thrive in your pond. The circulation provided by summer aeration will prevent pond stratification and eliminate the risk of pond turnovers, protecting your game fish.

Fall Preparation
With excess leaves, dormant pond weeds and organic debris being introduced to your pond in the fall, your pond needs more help than ever breaking down waste and reducing pond muck. The boost in beneficial bacteria counts and exposure created by constant aeration helps rapidly reduce accumulated debris in your pond. The less organic debris left in your pond leading into the winter months, the better.

Winter Protection1
As organic debris decomposes in your pond, gases are released into the water column. When your pond freezes over in the winter, these gasses become trapped and begin to take the place of clean oxygen. If enough oxygen is displaced, your fish will suffocate resulting in a winter fish kill. Running an aeration system in the winter infuses fresh oxygen into your pond while maintaining an open hole in surface forming ice to release decomposition gases.

No matter the season, your pond will benefit from constant aeration. Even better; when you allow us to size and recommend an Airmax® Aeration System for your pond or lake, we guarantee the results.

1Note – While we always recommend running the aeration system year round, if there is a chance someone will be using the pond for recreation during the winter or simply venturing out onto the ice, we recommend turning off the system during the winter. The ice around the aerator opening may be thin and dangerous.

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