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I saved my Christmas tree. Can I use it for a fish habitat in my pond? | Ponds & Lakes Q&A

I saved my Christmas tree. Can I use it for a fish habitat in my pond?

Q: I saved my Christmas tree. Can I use it for a fish habitat in my pond?

Peter – Cedar Rapids, IA

A: Great question! Sure, after the holidays have come and gone, it makes complete sense to use your dried-up Christmas tree as a fish habitat. You’re benefitting the environment by repurposing the tree rather than sending it to the dump, and you’re saving money by providing your fish a free all-natural habitat.

Plus, your finned friends will love it. Though they probably won’t pile presents under a submerged Christmas tree, your fish can use it as a cozy place to hide from predators and a safe and effective spawning zone.

There are some drawbacks, however, to tossing a spent holiday tree in your lake or pond.

Because it is an organic object, a tree’s trunk, limbs and needles will break down and decompose over a long period of time. This all-natural process will contribute to the nutrient load in your lake’s water—and that means an increase in algae and weed growth.

Not only that, but the tree’s tight interwoven branches make a great hiding place from your fish hook, which means you’ll have a harder time catching them for dinner!

So rather than throw your Christmas tree into your lake or pond, you should use it as firewood to fuel a lakeside bonfire instead. And if you really want to give your fish a new habitat for Christmas, invest in one that befits the fish while keeping the pond clean, such as the Porcupine® Fish Attractor Spheres. When you outfit these 6-inch-diameter units with 26 lengths of ½-inch PVC pipe, they become ideal habitats that are effective without impeding fish catches or adding algae-loving nutrients to your water.

Pond Talk: What do you typically do with your Christmas tree after the holidays?

Porcupine® Fish Attractor Spheres - Provide Refuge & Attract Fish

4 Responses

  1. Old Yule/Christmas tree goes in the woodpile.
    We chop it up and burn it the following year. My inside fish (tank) enjoy the light of the fireplace in the Winter. The outside (pond fish) enjoy the campfire light in the Summer. The branches make great kindling for starting a fire in both places. They pop like fireworks!

  2. Won’t fishermen still get their hooks caught on the Porcupine attractors? Seems like this will become a great lure depository.

    • Hi Thomas – It’s actually the opposite. Your lure is less likely to get caught when using the Porcupine Fish Attractor compared to using Christmas trees.

  3. I have a small drainage ravine I toss them into. Sometimes, I collect them after Christmas. Birds love them and small animals like rabbits tend to be there regularly. Occassionally, I have a family bonfire and they are impressive and make a great example to be extra careful with real trees in the house, or a reason to go to artificial.

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