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How Can I Keep My Pond & Fish Healthy With All Of This Hot Weather? | Ponds & Lakes Q&A

Q: How can I keep my pond & fish healthy with all of this hot weather?

Cheryl – Cheshire, OH

A: If you’re feeling the heat, there’s a good chance the game fish in your pond are feeling it, too. Not only will they sense the temperature increase in the water, but they’ll also be affected by a decreased amount of dissolved oxygen in their environment.

So what can you do to keep the fish in your lake or pond cool and comfortable? Check out these four expert-recommended tips:

1. Provide a Cool Habitat: Like humans and other land-dwellers, fish like a place to hide to get out of the sun. They’ll slip under the shade of plants, swim inside logs and take advantage of spots like the Porcupine® Fish Attractor Spheres, which encourage plant growth and give them a place to feel safe, shaded and protected.

2. Keep the Water Moving: When the water moves and circulates with an aeration system like an Airmax® Shallow Water Aeration System or an above-surface fountain like a Kasco Decorative Fountain, it allows for greater gas exchange at the water’s surface, expelling dangerous ammonia and taking in healthy oxygen. This provides more “breathable” space for your fish to swim deeper in the pond – where it’s cooler.

3. Rake Out Dead Debris: To cut back on the dangerous gasses being produced in your lake or pond, remove dead debris and decomposing plant matter with a Weed Cutter and Rake. Less debris in your lake means less gas is being produced.

4. Be Cautious of Water Treatments: Dead or dying organic materials can reduce oxygen levels quickly, so be cautious when using algaecides or herbicides to treat algae and other weeds. Rather than dosing your entire pond or lake, treat one section at a time, waiting a week or two before treating another area. This allows the fish to remain in the unaffected areas.

With a little planning and a some regular maintenance, you can keep your recreational pond or lake healthy no matter the temperatures. Your fish will thank you for it!

Pond Talk: What do you do to keep cool during these scorching heat waves?

Kasco Fountains - Add Tranquility To Your Pond

4 Responses

  1. I live in Northeast PA. We are experiencing a very hot and dry summer. Our pond has started to dry up some (lost about a foot of depth…the deepest point is 10′, ~1/4 acre in size). I wanted to purchase the Clearpac kit for the pond….was wondering if adding the treatment to the pond now (other than the dye) would hurt the pond. I was looking at purchasing the kit without the algaecide in it since we don’t have any algae in the pond so far this year (added Whitecap last year and worked excellent on ridding the pond of mealweed). Or should I wait for the pond to recover later in the year (not much if any new water entering into the pond right now)

    • Hi Dan,

      You can still treat the pond just be sure to take consideration when calculation amount of product to use based on the current size and depth of the pond, not the size when the pond is full.

  2. How can I keep plants in my pond safe from the Koi? My pond is a two level with a waterfalls and contains about 900 gallons of water. I have 5 large koi (15 – 18 inches), 8 small comets and 2 calico fantails. I want to put in some plants so they can have some shade, but the Koi keep pulling the plants out of the pots. Any suggestions?

    Vivian C.

    • You will have to either assemble your plants to one sectioned off area of the pond or create individual barriers for each plant. You could try something to the tune of assembling frames using a small diameter pvc and some mesh pond netting. Floating & bog type plants are easier as you can house them in mesh baskets (with optional floats) to protect the bulk of the plant.

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