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Does Pond Dye Have A Temperature Restriction? | Ponds & Lakes Q&A

How does ice form on a pond?

Does Pond Dye Have A Temperature Restriction?
Fred – Spring Branch, TX

While the colorant used in most pond dye is unaffected by temperature, there may be other included ingredients that suffer from diminished performance in cooler temperatures.

Pond Logic® Pond Dye & Pond Dye Packets contain food-grade dyes that can be used all year long as they are not temperature sensitive. Pond Logic® Pond Dye Plus however, contains water clarifying beneficial bacteria that become largely inactive once water temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Read the product label on your pond dye to determine the best times to treat. Furthermore, store your pond dye in a temperature controlled area to prevent accidental freezing as this can negatively affect performance and potentially damage the dye container.

Pond dye can also be affected by weather conditions other than temperature. Heavy rainfall can dilute the concentration of pond dye reducing its potency in your pond. Avoid applying dye before heavy rains and maintain your desired pond color by re-applying dye every 4-6 weeks to compensate for dilution.

Pond Talk: Do you prefer to use standard pond dye or pond dye with added natural bacteria?

Pond Logic Pond Dye

4 Responses

  1. We use the regular pond dye. We even put it in the swimming pool. The water was beautiful until the next day when we found out that the filter had removed it all (or the chlorine may have been the culprit!). It was worth a try.

  2. Have never used pond dye…..can you still see your fish with pond dye and does it do them any harm? I usually clean out pond (1000 gal) each spring, is that still needed when you use dye?

    • Hi Donna,

      Typically pond dye is used in large ponds 1/4 acre or more, there is dye available for water gardens though if you wish to try it out. It will not harm the fish and you will still be able to see the fish unless a lot of dye is used.

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