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How Can I Own & Maintain A Water Feature With My Busy Schedule? | Decorative Ponds & Water Gardens Q & A

How Can I Own & Maintain A Water Feature With My Busy Schedule?

I travel a lot and I don’t have time to take care of pond plants or fish. Is it possible to have a water garden in my yard?

Gentra – Bucyrus, OH

Of course it is, but a standard backyard pond is not your best bet. Successful ponds require fish and plants to keep the ecosystem balanced, and proper filtration and aeration to prevent algae growth.

A pondless waterfall is one option for you to consider. A Pondless Waterfall has no standing water. All of the water that splashes down the rocks is contained within an underground basin. There is no pond ecosystem to maintain. Simply flip a switch to enjoy the sounds of a waterfall and turn it off when you are done to save electricity.

Another option is a Disappearing Fountain. Despite their name, disappearing fountains are very visible. They are made out of fiberglass to resemble decorative urns, pouring vases, or natural rocks. They also feature below-ground basins to house the water. Simply flip a switch to start the pump and the soothing sound of water is yours.

Pond Talk: Should you hire someone to “pond-sit” when you are out of town?

Pondless Waterfall Kits

3 Responses

  1. There are many alternatives for your landscape enhancement. You can have a water garden without worrying that you might not be able to properly maintain it. Seeking some advice from the professionals can be a great help for you to have better decision.

  2. I have had a small pond since 2003, free form 27″ deep, about 4’X5′. I had a small fountain the first yr & have put it in rarely since then. I had a friend that said it would be a cesspool. He has been surprised. I treat it in the spring with an Algaefix & again maybe once or twice. In the fall I treat it with Microbe-Lift. Truth be told, last fall is the first yr I have used the Microbe-Lift as directed.
    I choose not to have fish. I cleaned the bottom of the pond last yr & divided the water lilies. Their roots were the size of my forearm. I even had a water hyacinth come up from seed in my marsh area last spring.
    I have 3 pots of water hyacinths in a south window that are doing very well.
    I am in SW Michigan.

    • Excellent Jane! We love hearing success stories from pond owners. It is pretty amazing how large lily roots can become. Our pond guys and gals are always engrossed when we maintain the lilies in our store ponds.

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