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Should I Use Beneficial Bacteria Pond Products In The Winter? | Ponds & Lakes Q&A

Should I Use Beneficial Bacteria Pond Products In The Winter?Should I Use Beneficial Bacteria Pond Products In The Winter?

Woodrow – Burlington, WI

Most people assume bacteria are a bad thing since they’ve spent most of their lives learning to avoid it. However, bacteria can be extremely beneficial to outdoor ponds, and are even recommended for a healthy and stable pond environment. But what exactly are we referring to when we say “bacteria?”

These helpful bacteria are called aerobic bacteria, and are used to consume organic waste, turning it into an odorless gas which escapes from the pond unnoticed. They are found in both PondClear™ and MuckAway™, which aid in keeping pond water healthy, clear of debris, and fresh smelling.

Products that contain aerobic bacteria work best at temperatures above 50 degrees, which is why you would want to stop adding bacteria during the winter months. In temperatures below 50 degrees, bacteria are not as efficient and therefore are not recommended for use. So save that bacteria for warmer days, and you’ll have a healthy pond clear of unsightly muck and debris.

Pond Talk: Have you seen a reduction in muck using natural bacteria over the summer months?

Pond Logic® MuckAway™

6 Responses

  1. There are bacteria made specifically for temps below 50. Arctic Blend works from 32* to 50*. I recommend it as should the pond guy. It comes from the cold water of the north where it has to work when the water is never warm. makes sense yes?

  2. The new Arctic Blend Bacteria is recommended for temps below 50..
    I have used it for two winters now..and have had exellent results in the Spring. But, you also have to go into winter with a clean pond.

  3. My brother has moved into a new neighborhood and the person across the street uses Ridex in his pond. He has been using it for several years. My brother asked me about it and I told him not to use it. The person using it seems to had no loss in his fish? Whats in Ridex as compared to those sold at pond places like yourself?

    • There are many different types of bacteria on the market and the main difference is the target of debris. Though the Ridex may not be “harming” the pond or fish it may not be helping as well either. Ridex is used for septic systems where the environment is greatly different then the environment for a pond. The strains of bacteria found in products designed for ponds are selected if they perform best in a pond environment where the pH, temperature, oxygen and other factors are in optimum conditions for the specific bacteria. These conditions vary greatly in a septic tank in which an entirly seperate set of bacteria would perform better in the given conditions. In short both products work but the environment they are presented in will ultimately determine how well they will function.

  4. Is PondClear ok for NewYork State ponds?

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