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Thanks to you, our loyal customers, our pond Q & A Blog continues to be a great success. Designed to be a valuable learning tool, our number one goal is and always has been to provide relevant information to help you better understand and enjoy your pond. If you haven’t found an article or received a Q&A newsletter that best answers you pond related questions we’d love to hear from you. Simply fill out the Ask The Pond Guy® Form to submit a question.

The Pond Guy® Staff

4 Responses

  1. Is it common for koi to lay on their side during dormacy?

  2. I have been loosing my koi 3 in the past month I live in N/E Calif water is very cold pond freezes over made sure I have holes for gasses to escape but my fish keep dying help

    • Hi Dennis,

      Do you have any other type of circulation in the pond? If there was debris in the pond at the end of the season it may be decomposing and even with the holes in the ice it may not leaving the pond sufficiently.

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