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Are there any plants that are great in the fall? | Decorative Ponds & Water Gardens Q&A

Are there any plants that are great in the fall?

Are there any plants that are great in the fall?

Elija – Norfolk, VA

While we’d hate for our plants to think we’re playing favorites, we have to admit it: when it comes to fall plants, the Chameleon Plant is at the top of our list. Why? It’s a long list – but one well worth sharing. So here goes.

For starters, the Chameleon Plant is simply beautiful to look at. With just one plant, you’ll enjoy enormous color variation in the leaves alone – with touches of bold pink, red, white, green and yellow. As fall comes into full swing, the colors become even more pronounced. Add the contrast of their delicate white flower with its yellow center, and you have an autumnal tour de force – right in your backyard.

The plant also smells good. Really good. In fact, when you crush the leaves, the Chameleon Plant gives off a distinctive citrus aroma that adds a whole new dimension to their appeal.

In appearance, the Chameleon Plant resembles English Ivy. It’s an exceptionally hardy plant, and even those with spotty histories of horticultural success can grow it successfully. As ground cover, it’s extremely easy to grow, and thrives in both sun and light shade – and will spread freely if it’s not maintained. It likes moist soil, and grows to a height of approximately 15”. The Chameleon Plant also does well in our Planting Baskets – which makes them easy to move and maintain. And with the help of our Fertilizer Tabs, they’ll make big impression – all season long.

So add some color to fall this year. Try the Chameleon Plant. We’re positive you’ll like what you see.

Pond Talk: What are your favorite pond plants?

Chameleon Plant

8 Responses

  1. This is a VERY invasive plant that will literally run over everything in your garden!!..Unless you want to spend all of your garden time trying to control it, don’t plant it anywhere anytime!!. I don’t know that I would even trust it in a hanging basket!…

  2. I have the Chameleon plant, can you put in the watergarden and will it winter over in New York zip 13743 zone 5?


    • Hi Marilyn,

      This would be a marginal/bog plant and should be planted so only the roots are in the water. Chameleon Plant is hardy in zones 5-8.

  3. I guess it’s in the eye of the beholder… I thought that the Chameleon plant was pretty too — until it took over my garden. I spent a full three months of dailly work digging (to a depth of 1 foot) in my garden to rid it of what I consider to be one of the worst gardening scourges I have ever encountered. The darned thing requires only a small (half-inch or so) piece of its root to re-sprout, so I dug and sifted out all of the roots, then applied Round-Up to kill any possible remaining chunks. I would NOT recommend this plant to anyone who wants to grow anything else in their garden. I also disagree that the aroma is appealing. I think it (literally) STINKS!

    • Hi Valerie,

      Thanks for the comments. With more aggressive growing plants it may be best to keep them in planting baskets to keep them under control a little easier.

  4. This plant looks nice but it is very invasive and tough to kill once it gets out of control.

  5. very interesting and beautiful plant, but what zones are best for it, and is it a perennial ? Regards. pkroberson@comcast.net

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