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What is waterfall foam? | Decorative Ponds & Water Gardens Q&A

What is waterfall foam?

What is waterfall foam?
Krystal – Howell, MI

When you build a backyard waterfall, it’s important to remember that, unlike a natural waterfall, every drop of water that cascades down the face of your mini-Niagara is delivered by a pump. In order to make that limited supply of pumped water – and your waterfall – look as dramatic and beautiful as possible, it helps to seal up the nooks and crannies behind and between rocks. And that’s just one of the places where Waterfall Foam comes in handy.

When applied carefully, Waterfall Foam seals the areas beneath and around rocks where water naturally flows. When those areas are sealed, water is diverted over the tops of the rocks, making the waterfall look fuller and more beautiful. In addition to its aesthetic benefits, Waterfall Foam also helps to secure and stabilize larger rocks, which in turn reduces maintenance.

But why use Waterfall Foam instead of hardware store spray-foam insulation? First and foremost, hardware store foams are formulated as insulation – and their chemical ingredients can be harmful or fatal to fish and plant life. Waterfall Foam is carefully formulated to be fish and plant safe. Second, hardware store foam simply isn’t designed to blend in – where Waterfall Foam looks natural, and works wonders to enhance the look and longevity of your waterfall.

Pond Talk: Have you used waterfall foam in your pond?

Waterfall Foam

6 Responses

  1. I just used some Atlantic Water Gardens Handi Foam and it works great. Unfortunately I got some on my hands and can not get it off. I tried every solvent I can think of to no avail. What do you suggest?

    • Hi Nick – Unfortunately if it is dried on it most likely won’t come off until it wears off on its own. You may want to try to use a pumice stone or brush when washing hands to speed up the process.

      • This just happened to me. I also tried every solvent I could think of. I was able to pick some of it off after using paint thinner. But ultimately I slathered my hands in Vaseline and slept in rubber gloves to keep the Vaseline from coming off. The next morning, it softened the foam residue and I was able to pick off the remaining “glue.” I will definitely wear gloves next time!

  2. We have used the waterfall foam. It works very well and really sticks to the rocks. The only caution I might add is to depress the valve carefully and slowly. Also, account for the expanding quality of the foam as it comes out of the can or you might end up with a blob of foam in one place. It also, like using a caulking gun, tends to continue out of the can after you release the valve, so have a rag ready. You may have to reapply, as you tend to find places you missed once the waterfall is started.

  3. I have a question, does the waterfall foam work on pond liner or is it only for use on stone or concrete?

    • Waterfall foam is primarily used to aid in the placement and retention of stone in your water garden and to seal gaps between these stones to manipulate the flow of water down the waterfall and along the streambed. Simply put, the foam expands between your rocks keeping the water from flowing behind them. As the foam dries it also holds the rocks firmly into place so you don’t have to worry about stones washing downstream with the flow of water, rock collapse from seasonal shifting or the displacement of loose perimeter rocks. Waterfall foam can be used as a light adhesive to liners, but should not be used as liner patching or as a way to glue liner together. Waterfall foam will help keep gravel in place around waterfall rocks, but will not hold larger stones in place on the liner.


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