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What is EcoBoost™ and how should it be used? | Pond & Lakes Q&A

What is EcoBoost™ and how should it be used?

What is EcoBoost and how should it be used?
Andy- Cottrellville, MI

For too long, bacteria has been painted with a broad brush, taking the heat for everything from illness to itchy feet. We’re here to set the record straight – and to stand up for the good bacteria of the world. And some of that good bacteria needs – yes, needs – to be present in backyard ponds and water gardens to ensure the health of both plant and fish life.

So, in the interest of promoting good bacteria, while staving off the bad, we strongly recommend the use of EcoBoost™. EcoBoost™ is an innovative, all-natural product that binds phosphates in ponds to stimulate the growth of good bacteria that’s absolutely necessary for the health of your fish. Phosphates, it seems, cause all sorts of problems in ponds – from increased algae growth to toxicity in fish – that are best resolved naturally by hungry bacteria.

Phosphates accumulate in ponds that receive lots of runoff from lawns and fields – particularly when those lawns and fields are fertilized. When healthy bacteria are allowed to thrive, those phosphates are eliminated naturally, providing a safe, clean habitat in which fish and plants can thrive.

In addition to EcoBoost™, both PondClear™ and MuckAway™ provide a safe, ecologically-sound means to promote the growth of good bacteria. Used on a regular basis, the combination of all three products pack a powerful punch – and make your pond a perfect home – for perfectly healthy fish.

Pond Talk: Do you use EcoBoost™ in your pond?

Pond Logic® EcoBoost™

2 Responses

  1. No I don’t use Eco Blast, but I do use Pond Clear, Muck Away and Tetra Pond. Memorial Day week end I drained my 2 ponds, pressure washed them and removed the muck at the bottom with a shop vacuum. I then refilled the ponds (6,300 gallons). As I filled them I loaded then up with muck away. 3 days latter I did 3 treatments with Tetra Pond 72 hours apart. Then I treated them with pond clear. The Algae is back!! Tomorrow I will start treating with Tetra Pond again. What advice does the Pond Guy have?

    • Hi Frank,

      After a large clean out it takes the pond a few weeks to cycle and begin to build up the bacteria in the filtration system again. During this time fish are still producing waste and the sun is still providing light and algae may take advantage. Be patient and continue the normal maintenance dose of bacteria. Once your filtration system is re-established it should begin to clear. Keep in mind some algae is good and natural for a pond.

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