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What type of aeration is best for you? | Pond & Lakes Q&A

What type of aeration is best for you?

What type of aeration is best for you?
Britney – St. Louis, MO

When you call a pond home, it’s the little touches – like sufficient oxygen – that make life worth living. In fact, you might say they make life possible in the first place. No wonder we hear from so many fish singing the praises of our Airmax® Aeration System .

Okay. We don’t actually hear from fish. But we do hear from customers. And they’re unequivocal in their appreciation of our versatile range of aeration systems, which leads to the critical question: how do you decide on the proper type of aeration for your pond?

Choosing the proper aeration system depends on a number of factors. First and foremost is the matter of pond volume. In order to ensure proper aeration, it’s important to choose an aeration system capable of circulating and oxygenating all of the water in your pond. With a system that’s too small, you’ll run the risk of both oxygen depletion and toxic gas buildup, resulting in the increased likelihood of fish kills, algae blooms and thickening pond muck.

Pond volume is determined a couple of key factors: pond depth and pond area. A third factor – pond shape – also plays into proper filtration. To address the issue of pond depth, we offer both deep water and shallow water aeration systems.

For deep water ponds, Airmax® Pond Series™ Aeration models PS10 through PS40 provide economical aeration designed to eliminate stratification, increase dissolved oxygen levels, decrease toxic gases, and prevent fish kills. By cycling water, these systems also help to fight algae blooms, while reducing bottom muck.

For shallow ponds, our Airmax® Shallow Water Series™ Aeration models SW20 and SW40 provide effective, efficient aeration, using energy efficient dual diaphragm pumps to eliminate fish kills, reduce muck accumulation and inhibit weed growth.

The final consideration – pond shape – also plays an important role in ensuring proper aeration. For simple, contiguous shapes like circles and ovals, a properly-sized aeration system will fully circulate all water without the risk of stagnation. In circumstances where multiple ponds are interconnected, full circulation may require additional pumps. When in doubt, we strongly encourage you to give us a call. We’ll help you to make the right aeration decision – for you and your pond.

Pond Talk: Have you been looking for aeration for your pond?

Airmax® Shallow Water Series™ Aeration Systems

2 Responses

  1. i have recently purchased an 81 acre piece of land in ellenville ny with a pond aprox 170 ft dia, dont know how deep yet , doesent seam to have too many gsasses or weeds growing in it , but dont see any fish eather , lots of bull frogs thow, had the water tested at two different places and was told water quality is great for fish , pond is spring fed with no feder stream,pond has been abandoned for years and heavily overgrown arround the perrimider ,presently clearing the boarder, is there any winter preperation to do so i can have a good pond in the spring ,and what type of fish should i stock it with to create agood echo balance thanks for any info

    • Hi Bob,

      Aeration is always a great start for health and fish preparation for any pond. Clearing some of the growth around the edges will help as well as the plant matter won’t decay in the pond once it dies for the winter. When going to stock the pond in the spring stock mostly prey fish such as Bluegill, Perch or minnows and some predator fish such as Bass ..generally a 3 to 1 ration of prey to predators, all about the same size at time of stocking. Follow up with natural bacteria products found in the Clear Pac for additional season maintenance.

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