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What causes pond odor? | Farm Ponds & Lakes Q&A

.What causes pond odor?

What causes pond odor?
Andy – Seattle, WA

When your pond starts to smell like old socks, there’s a very good chance that (a) it’s not well aerated; and (b) it’s full of decaying debris. The third alternative – that your pond is filled with dirty socks – is a long shot, so we won’t even bother to address it. But stagnant, debris filled ponds? We’ve got the answers you need.

First, and most importantly, we’ll turn to aeration. With the properly sized aeration system – our Airmax® Aeration System are available in a range of options – the water in your pond circulates several times a day. The process of circulation helps to remove the gases produced by decomposing debris. Because those gases are responsible for the vast majority of the foul odors associated with stagnant ponds, this first step is vitally important – and extremely effective.

To complete the job, however, you’ll need to remove and/or break down the odor-producing debris. To accomplish that job, nothing is more effective than our Pond Logic® PondClear™” and Pond Logic® MuckAway™ . Comprised of beneficial, environmentally friendly bacteria, PondClear™ removes organics and excess nutrients from pond water, helping to stop foul odors before they start. As an added benefit, PondClear™ improves water clarity and enhances your pond’s overall health.

Like PondClear™, MuckAway™ introduces environmentally friendly bacteria to your pond. The bacteria then gets to work on the muck at the bottom of your pond or lakefront, reducing it by as much as 5” per year. In the process of breaking muck down, MuckAway™ also eliminates odor-causing gases to keep your pond looking – and smelling – the way it should.

Pond Talk: Do you have issues with pond odor in your pond?

Pond Logic® PondClear™

5 Responses

  1. Have a pond and we use for showers toilet flushing and washings clothes it has been smelly the owner before woul areator and out something called crystal blue I’m afraid to put chemicals in the pond bc our horses drink this water what can I do to not smell like pond water and if I use chemicals will it hurt my horses? Thanks

    • Hi Judy – I would look at the label on the Crystal Blue, it may just be pond dye which is not actually a chemical it just shades the pond. Be cautious though to not use a large amount since you are using the water in your house as the dye is strong and will stain if it remains concentrated. Anytime you can leave aeration running your pond will benefit from reduction in muck and in pond water odors which are mostly caused by the muck and the release of gases from the pond from debris being broken down. Chemicals approved for aquatic use should only be used as needed and will indicate if there are any restrictions for watering livestock. Natural bacteria treatments are frequently used to help reduce muck and are safe to use.

  2. mosquito dunks~ I’ve had great results using these.

  3. What do you suggest to keep mosquitos from reproducing in your pond?

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