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How can I keep my waterfall free of algae and buildup? – Decorative Ponds & Water Gardens Q & A

How can I keep my waterfall free of algae and buildup?

How can I keep my waterfall free of algae and buildup? Renee – Heber Springs, AR

While the warm sunny weather is great for enjoying the outdoors this summer, it can also create some headaches in your water garden. A lot of you may notice that your stream and waterfalls are growing a nice coat of green algae as we continue through the warmer summer months. In a lot of cases, especially if you are using beneficial bacteria such as Nature’s Defense® your water is clear but algae and debris is attaching itself to your stream, waterfall and rocks. There is really simple fix to this green monster, in less then 15 minutes you can have amazing results.

It’s simple, use Pond Logic® Oxy-Lift™ Defense® direct to your waterfall, stream, or anywhere you have debris or algae accumulating. When used on damp areas, the Oxy-Lift™ Defense® will lift stuck on debris and algae off their attached surface so they can be easily rinsed away avoiding the need for a pressure wash or tough manual labor. Simply shut down your waterfall and quickly remove any debris or algae with your hand, then sprinkle on the Oxy-Lift™, you’ll be able to hear the Oxy-Lift™ working to break the debris off the rocks. After 10-15 min restart your waterfall. You can scoop the loose algae out of the pond or let your skimmer do the work. We recommend applying Oxy-Lift™ later in the day when you will not be viewing the pond as the pond may become a little cloudy or foamy for a short period of time. Regularly cleaning your waterfall will ensure that maintenance is short and sweet keeping you from having to spend hours trying to wrestle your stream and waterfalls into submission.

If you are having issues with algae not only on the stream but also in the pond itself you can also apply a dose of TetraPond® Algae Control to quickly kill undesirable growth in the pond even if it contains fish and plants! Using the proper products to maintain your pond will save you time and money in the long run and ensure a faster turn around process should your pond find itself in an algae attack? While algae blooms can not always be prevented the duration and intensity of their visit can drastically be reduced when your pond is properly kept. For best results consider the DefensePAC® it includes everything you need in one simple package such as Nature’s Defense®, Oxy-Lift™, Clarity Defense®, Muck Defense®, and Seasonal Defense®.

Pond Talk: What is your favorite part of having a water garden?

Keep your Water Garden Clear!

4 Responses

  1. I’d like to know when to stop my pond’s back yard water fall to my koi pond.

    • You can keep the waterfall running until the ice begins to form. Then it should be shutdown and a de-icer or aeration system should be installed for the fish.

  2. I fought algae in my ponds for ten years. My ponds were also very overpopulated with large (10″) gold fish.
    Two years ago I gave away all of my fish except for about ten. I also started using your pond dye. I have not had any trouble with algae and not a single algae bloom either last year or so far this year. I like the blue water as well. Don’t over do. A little dye goes a long way. Tom

  3. I enjoy watching the beautiful fish swimming lazily through the water and allowing me to touch them with my finger along their sides. My very favorite part is our two bullfrogs that have made our ponds their home. Sumo has been with us for 4 years {meaning that he made it through 3 New England winters} and Kermit joined us this year. The other evening I was able to put my hand under Sumo and lift him a bit above the water and he allowed me to ‘tickle’ him under the chin before he jumped back into the water. He filled my entire hand…he’s that large. For the last two summers he has allowed me to ‘pet’ him with a wet finger or two without dashing away. Kermit is beginning to accept the attention as well. We have two garden ponds within 20′ of each other and you never know which frog(s) will be in which pond.

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