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I have a ton of algae growing on my pond. What can I do to get rid of it? – Ponds & Lakes Q & A

Pond Algae

Q. I have a ton of algae growing on my pond. What can I do to get rid of it? – Jeff in New York

The ice is finally off. You walk out to the pond for the first time, expecting to see your happy fish except….in their place is a happy, healthy sprout of algae! This may leave you thinking where do I begin? Here is a quick guide to get you started towards taking back your pond.

1) Give your pond short term relief. If you are in a climate where water temperatures are already above 50° Fahrenheit you can begin doing algae treatments. The chemical choice will depend on the type of fish contained in your pond, whether the algae is floating or submerged and how much area the algae is covering. For more detail on choosing the right chemical view our Weed Control Guide.

2)  Add Pond Shade. By adding pond shade you can reduce the amount of sunlight reaching into your pond.

3)  Rake the Pond. Once the algae is dead you can rake out the dead matter in order to reduce the amount of accumulation of muck in the bottom of the pond. Muck is a major food source for algae.

4)  Treat with Natural Bacteria. Adding natural bacteria such as PondClear™ & MuckAway™ will aid in quickly decomposing any organic material that does reach the pond’s bottom. You can also use EcoBoost™ to give your natural bacteria a little extra oomph.
Dyed Pond with Aeration5) Aerate the Pond. If you aren’t already aerating, aeration is a great way to increase the oxygen contact for the bacteria to be more efficient and also to help keep your fish healthy for the upcoming warmer months.

If your pond hasn’t quite hit the 50° F temperature you can still be proactive about algae reduction and prevention. Dye and aeration is not dependent on temperature and can be started at any time.

POND TALK: What are your favorite methods for keeping your pond clear and beautiful?

Use Pond Dye To Keep The Algae At Bay

4 Responses

  1. Hello All,
    I am new to this site. I live in the Pacific Northwest and I have a large pond and water fall/Stream. The pond is 95′ X 60″ with an average depth of 4 feet. My stream is about 90′ long. I have three SLV-56 pumps that circulate the water from the pond to the water fall/stream. I normally just run one pump at a time but when I have guests over, I start all three and it really is impressive. I had a bid problem this winter with string algae in my stream and it was very unsightly. I would have to shut down my pump and clean it out every 2 weeks. I recently added Aquashade to my pond about 4 weeks ago and I have not had any algae problems since. This stuff seems to work great. It only took about a cup of this product for my pond.

  2. hello, i`m rosa and i`m concern about my pond because i have algae and i put solution in the water nothing and i don`t want my koi to die 25 fishes i have and i haven`t seen them when do i get to see all my fishes.

    • Hi Rosa,

      It sounds like there are several readers that are currently strugging with algae. Remember though, that some algae is good and healthy for a pond. Here is another article that addresses the string algae topic for water gardens. Algae Control in Water Gardens I hope this helps you out!

  3. Thank you for this newsletter…. it helps …..
    We just purchased an aeration system and it is changing the whole pond. Algae is our next challenge and this weeks newsletter addressed that. We’re off to having a healthy sparkling pond that will show off our “many” little orange fish…….. wish they were Coy, but they are orphaned golf fish.
    Patty Gaglioti

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