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Why it’s so special to own a decorative pond or water garden – Water Garden & Feature Q & A

Picture of a decorative pond or water garden

Water Gardens & Features Q & A

Why its so special to have your own decorative water garden.

A: Perhaps you encountered your first water garden while on a local home and garden tour. Maybe your neighbor installed a koi pond, or your best friend put in one of those disappearing fountains. They’re everywhere and for good reason! Water features and decorative ponds bring so many benefits to your outdoor living space. Here are just a few:

The peaceful sound of flowing water: There’s nothing like the whisper of water down a stream or pondless water feature, the gentle splash from fountain spray or spitter, or thunder of water flowing over a waterfall. Moving water masks road noise and gives you the sense of privacy, whether you’re in an urban courtyard or a suburban neighborhood.

An investment in your home: Given the current economy, many of us today are trading vacations for “staycations,” and we’re looking at ways to build on our biggest investment, our homes. Landscaping with decorative water features and creating functional outdoor living areas adds value to a home. Plus, it’s fun to add personalized décor, like stone frog spitters, turtle statues and Japanese towers, to turn the space into your own oasis.

A wildlife magnet: Other living things are drawn toward water. Wild birds, dragonflies, turtles, squirrels, butterflies, and frogs will congregate around your pond. In fact, if you provide water, food and shelter for critters, you can create a wildlife habitat in your yard that will both entertain and build into the overall ecosystem.

It’s a hobby that’ll grow with you: Keeping a decorative pond will definitely be a learning experience, and as you learn more about the technical aspects of maintaining water quality, keeping koi or aquatic plants, and managing the pump and filter, your pond will look better and better, and bring you more satisfaction as a hobbyist.

Cheaper than therapy: More than one decorative pond owner has told us about how therapeutic their water features are! After a long day at the office, there’s nothing more relaxing than sitting alongside your pond with a cold drink in hand, feeding the koi and pond fish, or appreciating the water lilies in bloom.

Of course, these examples only scratch the surface of the benefits that a decorative pond or water feature can bring to your yard. You don’t have to start out with a big in-ground pond; you can begin with a simple plug-and-play water feature on your deck or patio. But once you hear the sound of the water, see the wildlife it brings and feel your stress melt away, you’ll be hooked!

POND TALK: What’s your favorite thing about your decorative pond or water garden?

8 Responses

  1. I noticed your blog on facebook groups. I just added you to my MSN News Reader. Keep up the good work pal! Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  2. We have two pre-formed garden ponds and several 15-cent ‘feeder’ goldfish that have grown over the 5 years into beautiful specimens. We have some black fish with just a touch of yellow around their mouth. These were a surprise gift that came in [we are assuming] as eggs on water hyacinth plants and hatched in our pond. They are stunning…about 6″ long and always hungry! The best feature of our ponds, though, has to be Sumo. He/she’s? a bullfrog that arrived about 4 years ago. While other, smaller frogs have perished by staying the winter…even with a defroster going…Sumo has made it through 3 CT. winters so far. This late spring he disappeared for about a month and I was very concerned as to what happened to him. Just as suddenly as he had vanished, he reappeared. I know it’s Sumo because he let’s me ‘pet’ him if he’s in the right frame of mind. It took a long time for him to build that trust and I know a new frog wouldn’t tolerate my touching it. I actually got a picture of me touching his back last week. I love the sound of the waterfalls and quite often will take my lunch out and eat it by the ponds.

    It was originally a way to cover up tree stumps…putting a huge mound of dirt over them…then the pond idea hatched and my husband built the pond in the dirt pile. Thank goodness those trees got cut down. Their welcome shade has been replaced by an even better respite!

  3. We have a farm that had been abandoned for 50 years when we bought it in 1977. It was completely overgrown with locust and ailanthis trees. We cleared one acre that was suitable for a pond. An extention agent came to oversee the pond building. The deepest part is 15 feet and a shallower part is 5 feet deep. We stocked the pond with blue gills, large mouth bass and channel catfish. We soon had many snapping turtles which we fished out and cooked. Very delicious. Some years ago we added a small area with sand for a kiddy beach. At the beginning our pond was very clear and pond weeds became troublesome. We obtained 3 sterile Amur carp and they solved the problem. They grew to be 3 feet long and lived about 20 years. As the pond aged it became brown and had sludge at the bottom. We put 2 bales of barley hay into the pond, covered in netting and anchored to the sides. Then commercial mixtures of bacteria like POND-CLEAR came on the market and we have been using that every summer since. We enjoy the pond for swimming, canoeing, fishing and ice skating. It gives us visual beauty and wildlife in the form of turtles, herons, ducks, geese, beavers (not good), frogs, mink and muskrats.

  4. We have a small pond that is about 18″ at the deepest part. Right now it is full of tadpoles that I am hoping will attract some water birds such as heron. This evening I was watching the beautiful dragonflies hovering about the cattails, the lilies were blooming and goldfinches and catbirds were frolicking in the water. Spectacular!!

  5. The joy of watching our fish and there little ones grow.

  6. Hi

    I have a small waterfall on my property. My landscaper said it was his first actual waterfall project he did! He did a wonderful job. It is shaped like a horseshoe, but the best thing about it, is that there is a dogwood tree, in the middle of it!

    It looks like a tropical island paradise! The birds and squirrels love it too. It also attracts racoons. They enjoy the sound, and the cool water. I also have an enclosed patio.

    Do you have a company in the Omaha area, where I can seethe merchandise that you have.

    Thank you for letting me respond.

    Virginia Reed
    5282 Southern Manor Dr
    Omaha Ne 68117

  7. I love to watch the fish lazily swimming around. It gives me a sense of peace and my mind can just go into neutral watching them swim.

  8. I built my 2nd pre-formed pond and flagstoned the entire space myself. I love this area of my yard almost as much as I love my horses. The sound of water and the reflections and fish are truly part of my “therapy!’

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