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Blue Pond Dye Versus Black Pond Dye – Pond & Lake Q & A

Picture of Blue Pond Dye & Black Pond Dye.

Pond & Lake Q & A

Q: I notice you have a black pond dye. Is there any reason why I should use black pond dye versus blue pond dye? – Nick of New York

A: We’ve received some calls lately about the difference between our Nature’s Blue™ Pond Dye & Black DyeMond™ Pond Dyes. What’s the best color for the pond? Is one better than the other? When would I use one of them and not the other? It really comes down to color preference as well as the environment surrounding your pond.

Nature’s Blue™ Pond Dye is the most widely used of the pond dyes. It looks very good in almost any situation. Our blue dye has a very deep, natural blue shade as opposed to some of the yellowish-blue colors you find with some other brands. Nature’s Blue™ Pond Dye works great in ponds that have a manicured and open landscape where the open sky can help reflect the color.

Black DyeMond™ Pond Dye is growing popularity extremely fast in the pond market. What we’ve found is that Black DyeMond™ pond dye fits very well in natural ponds in wooded areas. It gives the pond a pure, reflective quality that rivals some of Mother Nature’s best work.

Either way, whichever color you choose, blue or black, pond dye is an important aspect of keep your pond looking beautiful all year.

POND TALK: Do you use pond dye in your pond?

15 Responses

  1. we put to much in our pond, how can we lighten it

    • Hi Rose – In a large pond you would just need to wait for rain or evaporation over time to lighten the color.

  2. We have a small pond with Koi and fantails and some goldfish the pond is about 1and 1/2 feet deep. How much Blue Dye do I need?

    • Hi Jeannie,

      Many times customers with water gardens do not use the dye as they rely more on plants to provide shade for the pond, keepingthe water clear so the fish are more visable. If you would like to add some dye though we actually have dye geared for a watergarden that are less concentrated. Check out our Pond Logic Black Pearl and Blue Sapphire dye.

  3. We swim in our pond;will it dye us or our suits? Is it harmful to dogs?

    • Hi Ginger,

      The dye will not be harmful, but in its concentrated form it does have the potential to dye your skin, suits or dog’s fur. I would reccomend to wait at least 24 hrs after application to swim in the pond. At that point the dye will be distrubuted thoughout the pond and should not stain you.

  4. Dear Sir,
    Can you quote me a price to dye a one million gallon pond deep blue. Can you also advbise where you are located.
    Rocky Brawn.

    • Hi,

      If you would like a quote please give us a call at 866-766-3710 and we would be happy to assist you.

  5. I have a question. My water garden is 12×8 and 3 feet deep, I have never used pond dye and am curious about it. Will I still be able to see my fish at the bottom with pond dye?

    • Hi Jackie,

      Many water garden customers don’t use pond dye in a smaller pond because they want to see the fish but we do have dye specially formulated for water gardens. You can add as much or as little of the dye as you like, giving you control on how dark your pond is. This way you can add some color and still see your fish.

  6. How often do I have to add? Will it last for one year? How long|?

    • Michael Chan,

      Most pond dyes should last 4-8 weeks depending on rainfall or overflow. So adding 25%-50% of a regular dose monthly is a great way to maintain the dye throughout the year.

  7. We have a 3/4 acre pond (average depth of 12 feet) with groomed lawns around the pond and woods on three sides as well, and are using Black DyeMond in combination with Natures Blue also. The only problem that we have is that the Black DyeMond seems to need a higher concentration of black shader. It doesn’t last as long as the Natures Blue does. It would also be more economical to purchase this by the gallon, especially for individuals with larger bodies of water. Otherwise, we absolutely love the dark blue appearance created with the combination of these two products!

  8. I discovered last year that using a combination of both the black dye and the blue dye gave my pond an amazing look. I have woods on the back side of my pond along with manicured lawn on the front side. The black dye really enhanced the tree reflections on the pond, while having a tinge of dark blue when the sun was shining on it. I used about 3 parts black to 1 part blue. Try it out and let me know what you think.

    • Angela,

      Just to let you know we are actually working on a Blue/Black Pond Dye where it is already mixed! We are really excited about it and so far and have great interest!

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