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What Can I Do To Keep My Pond Clear? – Pond & Lake Q & A

Picture of a Pond.

Pond & Lake Q & A

Q: What can I do to keep my pond clear? – Kara of Florida

A: When I ask my service customers what their top three goals are for their pond, clear water is almost always at the top of the list. Clear water is aesthetically pleasing and is a sign that your pond is healthy and balanced. Across the board, your first step towards clean and clear water is to aerate.

Airmax® Aeration keeps the water in motion, allowing it to stay oxygenated while venting toxic gasses and clearing the water. Beyond aeration, there are a few easy steps to follow to clear up that water:

Start by finding the source of the problem. Dip a clear glass of water out of your pond and begin the diagnosis. Match what you see to the following problem/solution.

  • Pea Soup Colored Water: This is typically caused by a heavy bloom of planktonic algae. When treating for planktonic algae you must be very careful. Treating too big of an area at any one time could cause oxygen levels to deplete to a point where your fish could die. We highly recommend to have an aeration system running when treating for this type of algae. To help with this issue in the future, you must limit the nutrients that are entering the pond. Do this by limiting organics such as grass clippings, twigs, leaves, branches, etc. from entering the pond. Be careful of fertilizing around your pond as this too will cause algae blooms. Using EcoBoost™ will help bind any nutrients currently in the pond and begin using PondClear™ or MuckAway™ natural bacteria to help break down any organics that have already gotten into the pond. These bacteria work by eating any suspended nutrients and bottom muck in the pond to help keep your pond clean and clear.
  • Milky Gray or Chocolate Milk Colored Water: Most often this problem is caused by heavy runoff laden with silt and sediment. Aeration will typically take care of this problem within a week or two. If the problem persists, the soil in the water is probably clay. In this situation, apply a double dose of EcoBoost™ to try and help flocculate the suspended particulates.
  • Stained Brown/Black Like Tea or Coffee Colored Water: This color water is usually a result of heavy leaf litter on the pond’s bottom. When leaves sit for long periods of time, they can release tannins into the water column causing brown/black colored water. Use a Lake Rake to rake out the bulk of the material, and follow up with MuckAway™ to help accelerate the decomposion of the remaining leaves. As always, we recommend to aerate.

The recurring theme that we see here is that aeration is key when trying to solve pond problems. In nearly every case, your pond will greatly benefit from the use of Airmax® Aeration System. Aeration Systems will help create an environment for aerobic bacteria (like bacteria found in PondClear™ or MuckAway™) to thrive. This aerobic bacteria will decompose organics at accelerated speeds and will help reduce the sediment at the pond’s bottom.

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  2. Never received an answer to my last question!!!!!

  3. I LOVE Nutri Defense…our pond wouldn’t be the same without it. Our pond is a water collection pond. The water we collect comes partly from a cattle pasture. So we have plenty of nutrients when we receive a lot of rain. This week alone we have received almost 10 inches – fast!
    I just recently took advantage of your free shipping, and also the discount for buying 4 of the Nutri Defense.
    My plan is to put two buckets of the Nutri Defense as soon as the rain stops, and then be prepared to put in one in June, one in July and one in August.
    Is that too much! Can I hurt my pond?
    We do have a properly size aeration system that runs 24-7. The pond is about 1/4 acre, with average dept of probably 6 feet.

    • Pam Pugh,

      Here is the dosage rate that is on the label of Nutri-Defense. For murky water, we do recommend using 48 packets (or 2 buckets). There are no adverse effects of dosing 2-3 times over the recommended dose with Nutri-Defense. Hope this helps answer your question! Thanks for the comment!

      Pond Size (Surface Acre)
      Up to 1/4 acre
      Dosage Rate (monthly)
      Regular: 12 packets
      Murky Water: 48 packets

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