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Installing a Pond Aeration System Away From Your Pond – Pond & Lake Q & A

Illustration of a Pond Aeration System Installed When the Power is Away from the Pond

Pond & Lake Q & A

Q: I know I need an aeration system, but I don’t have power next to my pond. Is a windmill or solar aeration system my only option?
– Jacob of Georgia

A: The short answer is no. There is a common misunderstanding that our (electric) Airmax® Aeration System require power at the pond or lake’s edge. In reality, however, the Airmax® Aeration System can be installed several thousand feet from the edge of a pond or lake. Your Airmax® power unit or cabinet may be placed at the nearest or most convenient power source such as your home, barn or other out building. All that is needed with this type of installation is a shallow trench 6-12 inches deep to place the Airmax® Direct Burial Airline in. The Direct Burial Airline will then transfer the air to the pond or lake’s edge where it can be connected to Airmax® EasySet™ Self-Weighted Airline and continue on to the diffuser.

Illustration of a Pond Aeration System Installed When the Power is Near the Pond

Alternative aeration systems such as windmills and solar seem like a natural fit for installations where power is not easily accessible, although it is important to understand that you may not receive the same benefits from these types of aeration devices. Windmills only work when there is steady wind (5 mph or more) and solar systems have to run on an on/off cycle. Under optimal light conditions a solar aeration system can run continuously for 15-20 hours before shutting down to allow the batteries to charge. Another disadvantage of alternative aeration devices is their cost. This is especially true of the solar models. With the purchase price being so high the energy consumption of an Airmax® Aeration System being so low it is nearly impossible to recuperate any cost savings due to electrical consumption. A typical Airmax® Aeration System designed to aerate up to one surface acre will cost less than $18 per month, running 24 hours per day.

To receive the benefits of aeration, your system should run 24 hours per day! The goal of aeration is circulation and the introduction of oxygen to the bottom of your pond or lake. A properly sized aeration system will use the bubbles created by the diffuser to force the cooler water from the bottom of your pond to the surface. The water at the surface is warmer and less dense or lighter. The cooler or heavier water will be pushed up by the diffuser then forced outward where it will naturally sink due to its heavier density. Aeration devices that are under powered, have poorly designed delivery devices or not operated continuously generally will not provide the true benefits of aeration. Do your research and spend your money wisely!

Aeration Benefits:

  • Clean & Clear Water Column
  • Elimination of Thermal Stratification
  • Reduced Sediment
  • Stronger and More Productive
    Fish Population
  • Elimination of Fish Kills and

4 Responses

  1. I have a 1/4 acre pond with 3 air bottom diffusers in it, I was told move them to a 4 foot level in the summer and an 8 foot level in the winter, is this ture?

    • Thanks for the question Brian. If you place your aeration plates at the bottom of your pond you will circulate the entire pond. In cases of extreme weather (both hot and cold) people will move the plates to shallower areas of the pond to provide a “cushion” of undisturbed water for their fish to retreat to if need be. Typically you want to aerate as much of the pond as possible so keeping your plates elevated from the pond bottom throughout the year can defeat the purpose of adding aeration. Also, the need to move your plates can depend on what type of fish you have. Trout, for example, love cold water so they will do better in a deeper portion of your pond that is not being feed warm water from the surface of the pond in the summer. Bluegill, perch and bass tend to do just fine unless you have very dramatic temperatures for a long period of time.

  2. […] The Bottom Line: Having aeration will help reduce the chances of fish kill. Also, remember that this is one of many benefits of having an aeration system (Refer to this blog post for the other benefits of aeration). […]

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