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Is it Too Cold to Treat My Pond for Algae? – Pond & Lake Q & A

Picture of Floating Algae

Pond & Lake Q & A

Q: I see some algae in my pond. Is it too cold to treat my pond at this point? – Jack of Ohio

A: Algae has a tendency to grow in colder temperatures even when there is ice covering your pond. To treat or not to treat really all just comes down to the temperature of the water. Algaecides, like Algae Defense® (or Clipper™ if your have koi or goldfish in your pond), are most effective when water temperatures are above 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are living in the southern climates, the water temperatures may be already high enough for an algae treatment. As for the northern climates, it may be best to hold off until the water temperatures rise above the 50-60 degree Fahrenheit threshold.

5 Responses

  1. My pond was built two years ago and approximately one acre in area and deepest depth of fifteen feet. I
    have a severe algae problem along the banks and also bottom of pond. Please advise me of best method
    to eradicate algae.

    • Hi Bill,

      Sounds like your pond has passed the “new” stage and has begun to collect organic material. We have several products to treat algae including Algae Defense and Cutrine but chemicals will only provide at temporary fix to the situation. If you just treat the pond with an algaecide you will continue to kill off the algae but the algae will sink to the bottom of the pond and become food source for more algae to grow. Do you have aeration in the pond? Aeration is a great beginning to help circulate and oxygenate the water to speed the process of organic material breakdown. I would also suggest a Clear Pac which would include a chemical to gain quick control and then provide natural bacteria that will also aid in organic matter breakdown. Aeration and bacteria may not be the quick fix you are looking for but in the long run it will help you to gain and keep control of your pond.

  2. I would desperately like to try your products after meeting someone with a mud pond who uses them faithfully.
    I tried to get a catalog once and also tried to buy your spring start up kit a few years ago. Is it not possible to ship to Canada? If not, how can I buy your products?

    Linda in Ontario, Canada

    • Linda,

      What products were you looking for? Unfortunately Canada has some restrictions on some chemicals & natural bacterias that we can send into the country. If you’d like, let me know what you are looking for and I would be glad to help see if we can find a solution for you.

      Thanks for posting!

  3. […] Is it Too Cold to Treat My Pond for Algae? – Pond & Lake Q & A – Week Ending February 21st Pond & Lake Q & A […]

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