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The Pond Guy Wants To Ask You A Question Regarding New Products – Q & A

The Pond Guy Needs Your Help!
At The Pond Guy we always welcome your comments or suggestions to new ideas regarding the maintenance of your pond or water garden. If you have any suggestions for new products or procedures I would welcome you to post your comment. Here are a few questions to help stir up some thoughts:

1.) Are there any issues you are having with your Pond or Water Garden where a new product would’ve made it easier?

2.) What new products/category would you like us to carry more of?

3.) What new products/category would you like us to carry that we currently do not carry?

I look forward to hearing your comments. Thanks again!

2 Responses

  1. Lisa,

    Could you send me a picture of your water garden. I would like to be more help, but I would really like to see a couple pictures of the issue you are having so I can diagnose this better. Please e-mail me at joe@thepondguy.com


  2. Help – I’ve been raised with ponds, my Dad had an eco balanced pond my whole childhood which was undisturbed until I entered loggerhead turtles…grounded for a long time…we compromised on box turtles on his island, and I was allowed to mature…my new problem is my new location and my new pond – moved from Texas gulf coast to north west Texas and red dirt…had to allow my 24″ butterflies to go with the house to make the sale…sad state of affairs….new pond is 3000 gallons, 3 ft deep for the winter cold, but I can’t make it clear. I have home-made barrel filters, 3 – with deer netting in #1, bridal netting in #2, and bound poly deck chair filling in #3, my problem is the color – with the red dirt, the pond is red…stream is about 25 ft, and clear, lots of birds need this water, and my pond sucks – it looks black and I can’t see my baby koi grow – algae is not the problem – i used to have seasonal dark water when the pecan blossoms dropped and let the dye into the water, but that cleared with time and filter – the old filter was only 2 stage and I thought 3 would be better with increased tempratures, but I can’t stop the color…..I’m thinking I need more on #3 but how do you stop dirt? We have lots of wind and lots of flying dust – I’m also way into roses, the whole yard (like an acre) is mulched for the kids (roses) with shredded trees, so local dirt is minimized, my roses are still green in December with 24 degree temps, but my pond is way too dark….HELP.

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