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The Pond Guy Wants To Ask You A Question Regarding thepondguy.com. – Q & A

I thank you all for the incredible feedback to my last post regarding the Q & A’s. You can be assured that we will continue this program into 2009.

The Pond Guy Needs Your Help!
We strive to provide you the best tools, information and products to help you create or maintain your pond, lake or decorative water garden and we know we can be better with your help. So, with that said, I have another couple questions to ask you in regards to our website: www.thepondguy.com. We are in the process of redesigning and I would like your input. Please don’t be afraid to critique our website. I want to make this the best pond site I can for pond owners.

1.) What features can we place on our website that would allow it to be more pond owner friendly?

2.) When coming to our website, does it contain all of the information you are looking for? If not, what can we do better?

I am looking forward to hearing your comments. Please post any of your thoughts on the blog post here. Thanks again!

23 Responses

  1. Thanks so much for the speedy response re: the pond vacs!

  2. Vicki,

    We have a 1600 gallon water garden in front of our retail store and we use the Pond-O-Vac III to clean it. The water garden does have a line of rock about the same size as river rock on the bottom. Although it would be easier to clean if the river rock were not there, it is still possible to use the Pond-O-Vac or the Pond-O-Matic to effectively clean the pond’s bottom.

    Pond-O-Vacs are great at maintaining clean water gardens throughout the season to help prevent excessive debris and sludge build-up. If you take care of the maintenance throughout the season, the spring clean out won’t be as awful.

    Hopefully this helps answer your question!

  3. My question pertains to pond vacuums. I have a “river rock” bottom in my lined 1000 gal. water garden, which was just built this past summer. I really hate the thought of draining the pond, corralling the fish, hosing down the rocks, etc. this spring. Do any of the pond vacuums actually work on gravel filled ponds, and do they alleviate what sounds like an awful job of spring clean out? Thanks much!

  4. I agree with Terry, Nov 23, from Florida. I live in South Alabama and have a small garden pond, (three levels, and 12 gold fish,) which I keep going all year. I prefer using plants rather than chemicals to keep the water clear. The lower level turns green in the hottest months then clears up as the weather cools. I would like help balancing the plants since some of the plants I once used are not allowed in Alabama now.

  5. My husband and I started a pond 2 years ago. It was a learn as you go experience. We ended up changing alot of things that just did not work. Then I found your web site which helped alot. We no longer have green water, and the fish are healthy and multiplying. There are two things that would be very helpful. More information on how to care for pond plants, especially over winter. The other is how to connect pumps, filters, waterfalls. When I started my pond I had pumps and filters everywhere trying to clear the water, I had no idea how to connect them from the pump, to the bio-filter to the waterfall, to the mechical filter, ect. It would help to have detailed plans on how to connect everything for a variety of sizes of ponds.

  6. Susan,

    What brand of skimmer do you have? I would like to help you out with this problem. Usually, when the skimmer is first installed, if the ground underneath the skimmer is not properly compacted, it can shift when temperatures fluctuate.

    As for how the skimmer works, A pump usually sits inside the skimmer and pulls the water through the skimmer opening. As this water is pulled through the skimmer opening, any debris are trapped in either a debris basket or filter media. The debris-free water then travels to the pump where it is then pushed out either back into the pond or first to a pressurized filter or waterfall filter.

    Hopefully that helps clear some things up.

  7. Dolly,

    I’m sure we can help you with keeping water in your pond. I am going to have one of our techs, Andy Lipovac, call you to discuss some options.

    Bentonite is a product that will harden the clay to allow it to keep water from seeping through, but we haven’t found the success rate very high with this. It does work don’t get me wrong, but it also isn’t guaranteed like a liner is.

  8. Alright, it looks like I have some work to do! Thank for all for your comments regarding the website! We will get right on it!

  9. your site is great,
    but i and i think others who are interested in game fish ponds of 1/2 acre or more,to have more info on how from start to finish how to do one? size,depth,stocking,
    and most important how do you decide if you would need a liner or not?
    thank you

  10. ITS okey as very informative . george

  11. Thank you for your very informative leter. I am a new commer so I can not refer to many issues. My search is how to renew a pond. I understand this is done by a change in the bacteria make up. Any input I can put together will be appreciated. I assume this is an issue with any size pond. Thanks again for your letter. Joe

  12. I have difficulty determining how much of a product I need. I know the acre feet of my pond but the products don’t always say what the cover. eg 1 qt or gal for 1 acre foot

  13. It might be interesting to feature a “tool” of the week that you are comfortable recommending, or some other pond product.

  14. What would be helpful to me is more specific details on issues pertaining to the region you live in. Florida may have more going on then more cooler areas.

  15. I have enjoyed your e-mails all summer and fall. Sometimes you bring up issues I haven’t even thought of, but leave me with much more knowledge. I only have a small pond, but hope to enlarge in the future. I enjoy also coming to your retail store, everything I could ever need is there, in addition to your helpful advice. Thanks alot, have a good winter. See you in the spring.

  16. So far, I have found your email messages and information from your catalogue to be very helpful. I only have one small pond and am just beginning, so maybe things will get more complicated in the future, but so far I’m happy with communications from you. PRD.

  17. When U reference aerators and other attractive
    pumps etc. U never show examples of these various
    devices ……..R

  18. I would like to see answers with “techniques” also given to a smaller pond. Ex: When someone has a problem with algae in the summer,there are a number of solutions. However I notice most pertain to a larger size pond. When the answer is given, please include us small ponders too, as we have the same problems but not always the identical solutions!

  19. I have a skimmer, in my pond, and it keeps tipping over. Originally, it was weighted with sand and it never tipped. About 2 months ago, it began tipping over and I replaced the sand with large gravel. It continues to lean. I have placed a brick on top now, and it is stable.
    I can’t really see the water going into it, but when it is tipped, the fountain runs more slowly.
    What I would like, is a step by step explanation as to how it works.

  20. how about a technique section, a how to. How deep for various parts of country, How to calculate pump size for different volumes of pond size. How many gal. of h20 per cu. ft. of pond. How to determine type and number of plants for x volume of pond. Number type of fish for x volume of pond.


  21. I found the questions and answers was very helpful, and I’ve learned alot about pond matinence throughout the year. I think it’s great, espically for the basics of fish and water treatments! Thank you! Paul

  22. Not long ago, I ordered a small pump for a water feature. It would have been helpful to have a more complete description as to what situations the pump was intended to be used for, especially how high the water would be pumped. As it turns out, the pump is not as forceful as I would like. So I would say to make your product descriptions as complete as possible.

  23. Hi,
    We put in a wildlife pond…and were hoping the winter rains would fill it…but even after a heavy weekend of NW rain…it fills about half way up, then just dries up after a couple of days. Seepage probably. We will probably have to put in a liner, like we did in our Koi pond. Any suggestions on how to start? The hole is dug, grass planted around it, and it is in a really neat location. We would appreciate any suggestions. Someone told us to put Bentonite on the bottom….Will that help? Or should we just go with a pond liner? We need to fill it with rain, as our well won’t be able to keep up with it’s draining out.
    This is only 100’x75′ kidney shaped. It has an island with a fir tree growing out of it.
    Dolly Keenon

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