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The Pond Guy Wants To Ask You A Question – Q & A

First off, I just wanted to say thank you for reading the Q & A’s over this past year. I’ve received an incredible amount of responses since this blog started in June. We have had quite a lot of you post comments as well as ask more great questions. For the remainder of the year, I would like to ask all of you just a few questions so we as a company can help better serve you.

The Pond Guy wants to ask you a question!
As the season comes to a close and our ponds go into “winter mode”, I wanted to ask you your thoughts on our Q & A’s over this past year:

1.) Have the Q & A’s been helpful to you?

2.) Should we continue them for next year?

3.) What do you like or dislike about the Q & A?

I am looking forward to hearing your comments. Please post any of your thoughts on this blog post. Thanks again!

169 Responses

  1. It’s sad to say I’m not a rock specialist. It has taken my husband and I almost a year to do are pond. its beautiful ! Now that it’s done I relize we have sandstone rock. ( it’s not all sandstone ) in are pond : ( how can we get it out without taking the whole thing apart ? I would love to have fish in my pond. Sincerely Anissa Hudson ( discouraged, frustrated and heart broken )

    • Hi Anissa – What issues are you having using the sandstone rock? Many people have used this to build ponds.

  2. Looks pretty unanimous! I read them all. I plan to submit some questions next year. After five years with a custom pond I’ve been able to see the maturity of the system grow. Now I know what to ask!

  3. I have found all of the info very helpful. Please continue and keep up the good work.

  4. YES, Yes, yes………………….this has been helpful and PLEASE continue!!!! I have no suggestions……….it’s very good just the way it is. THANKS, Britt

  5. […] am looking forward to hearing your comments. Please post any of your thoughts on the blog post here. Thanks […]

  6. Thank You for taking the time to answer all of the questions. I always find new information with your Q&A ‘s. It is a must read for each week. Thank You

  7. i have found your information is very helpful,but i like the old format with the question & answer right there, it made it easier & used less paper & ink.

  8. I do not have a pond, but would like to have one in the future. You Q&A’s are great and informative. They give you insight into what it take to have a pond and how to properly care for one. Thanks and keep it up.

  9. Keep up the great work, please!

  10. Sounds like everyone is really enjoying the Q & A’s. Well I’m definitely glad to hear that. You can be assured that I plan to continue with them through 2009. Thank you all for commenting! I really appreciate it.

  11. Keep up good work & the site!

  12. Yes, your Q&A”s have been very helpful to me. I
    have made copies of all of them and have them in
    a binder for future reference. Please continue sending
    them, they are so helpful when a problem arises..I
    have a 165 gal preformed water garden in the ground
    by our patio. What a joy it is in the summer watching
    our goldfish swim in the pond. My babies are now five
    years old and stay outdoors all winter .I have THE
    POND GUY to thank for teaching me all the right
    things to do! We live in the Chicago area and our
    winters are bad. I would like to read more about
    amaller water gardens with fish in your future
    Q&A”s Keep up the good work.

  13. The Q & As are very helpfull. As new pond owners we have gained a lot of information and suggestions.

    Please continue the service as we still have a lot to learn and there will be new people putting in ponds and water gardens next year.

    The format is good and I like to read other members comments and questions also.

    Thank you for taking your time to provide this educational service.

  14. Please continue Q & A’s unchanged.

  15. Yes, keep up the good work. I also think a link to archives that are well indexed would be a great idea if you have time to do that. I have been printing out the articles and putting them in a binder for future reference.

  16. 1. Your Q & A blog has been the most useful tool I’ve found on the internet in helping with an aging cement pond.

    2. Yes, please keep it up next year!!

    3. I enjoy reading others questions knowing that I’m not alone out there with my ” pond issues”. I plan to update my pond this next year and rely on your blog as well as your catalog for information. I’ve also ordered supplies and feel the product quality is top notch. Thanks so much!

  17. I have always enjoyed your Q & A just as it is. You talk about situations that are common to most pond owners large and small. Keep up the outstanding work.

  18. I think that the issues and articles that have been discussed are beneficial to everyone who has farm ponds.

    Most of us have farm ponds and have tried other sites and they are not as knowledgable.

    Keep up the good work.

  19. Very good – Keep it up!

  20. Yes the Q&A’s have been very helpful and informative. My hopes are that you will continue with the Q&A’s. I have had KOI ponds for years and I have still learned a lot through reading them. I have no suggestions other please continue and thank you. A great customer service…………

  21. I wait to see what the next subjects will cover. Please continue. I did email a special question, but never received an answer. Not sure why; maybe it was too similar to other questions you chose to answer. Look forward to ordering more of your products next spring.
    Mary Lou Pagella, Worton, Maryland

  22. Keep the Q and A’s! I look forward to them every week!

    Every question and answer was something going on in my pond at the same time.

    They have been a big help for me and my bass.

  23. I always read the articles sent. Even thou I live in Arizona alot of the information is still pertinent just to a lesser degree. Please continue the emails in 2009.
    Anne Brooks

  24. I have watched for and read all your Q&A information as I decide whether or not to have a small pond. I wanted to understand more about what problems I would run into and your column has been extremely helpful. As a result I am looking forward to building a pool in the near future. Thanks again for all your help with the Q&A blog.

  25. I very much enjoy the Q & A. Some of the questions are things I had not thought of and was glad to learn.


  26. I am sure I am not unlike so many other readers that receive hundreds of E-mails per week in my office.
    The Pond Guy is one I look forward to receiving. Montana is anything but an easy state to maintain a Water Garden in but with the help you’ve offered it is just that much easier.
    Keep up the Good or should I say Great work.
    Thank you for helping as much as you have.
    Mike Loftus
    Great Falls, Mt.

  27. The Q & A’s have been great. I love the sections on old farm ponds. We have 3 and I need all the help we can get. The big one is very brown/red with WV soil and we can affored to empty it and have it redug. There’s run off after rain. There are some big old catfish and bass and some smaller ones we have stocked. We also have four large Koi that I love. Many times the koi can’t be seen due to the murky water but they all get fed regulary. there is a wind mill going in for aeration and hopefully that will help.

    #2 pond is the frog pond, no elplanition necessary. It’s used for our 3 cows to soak in. They are pets and allowed out on the lawn and I can’t do much with it though I do plan on putting in some gold fish.

    Then there is #3 it’s pristine and a santuary for the wild life on out 40 acres. I hope to put a few fish in it this spring.

    Thanks for the help and I hope it continues for a long time.


  28. You provide great information and answers to questions I hadn’t even realized I had. Keep it going.

    Perhaps I missed it, but have you ever discussed plants which are tolerant of the wet conditions surrounding a farm pond? Our pond (located in coastal Maine) rises in the spring with the snow melting and heavy rains, and overflows its banks. We have a wetland environment every spring lasting about a month. Our pond drains naturally at one end so the rise in water level never exceeds a foot or so, but the surrounding area gets pretty wet. So what plants do you recommend?

  29. Excellent Q&A, very helpful. Please continue to provide. Thanks.

  30. Very interesting information for the beginner to the sophisticated. From garden ponds to the larger farm ponds. Great in site. Keep up the good work moving forward!!!!! Merry Xmas to ALL!!!!!

  31. I, like so many others, have enjoyed reading the Q & A’s each week and have found them to be very helpful and informative. I also like that you attach pictures to help us as customers verify specific problems.

    Angela (Woodstock, GA)

  32. 1. Q & A have been very helpful. We bought our property almost two years ago. I have a lot of experience with small fish ponds. Currently the pond I have in our front garden is 160 gallons. While I knew how to keep it clean and healthy, some of your tips have made it attractive. We now have a .25 acre pond, and your Q & A and web page have helped us make it the best-looking pond in our subdivision. Our neughbors have asked me how I keep our pond in such good shape. I told them two words – “The Pondguy.”
    2. Please continue. We benefitted from your advice and I bet there are a lot more folks out there who need your advice.
    3. We like the different topics you cover, especially seasonal tips that will help prevent problems later. Linking advice to the products you sell help. One of my friends said I paid too much for the supplies I bought from you, but when we compared how much I had spent buying from you versus what he had spent buying from various other supplies, he had spent more than double and his pond looks like he did very little to treat problems.

  33. Yes; I look foward to reading each week. Being a new pond owner; I get answers to questions I haven’t even thought of yet. Please continue !

  34. Please continue. I have learned so much regarding my farm pond especially regarding leeches and aeration.
    Thank you for this service

  35. OK

  36. Have enjoyed receiving your mail. It has been very informative. Looking forward to receving more next year. Would like to see more on small water gardens. Your information was very helpful and educational.

  37. dear pond guy…
    i have found your questions and answers to be very helpful. seems most of the questions asked are what most pond owners want to ask, and your answers are are very helpful. thankyou for sharing all info with everybody and i look forward to seeing them again next year…. thank you again….jeff stiltner

  38. – yes, I have used lots of the info you have provided. I have even saved them for future use.
    – please continue, I have learned a lot of info from your advice.
    – dislike how you have started using the “Click here to read on.” in stead of having it all in one spot. I am on the go a lot and it makes it hard to read from my hand held device.

    But over all enjoy reading them weekly.

  39. Heck yes! Very helpful stuff. Would actually like to see MORE…

  40. I was sure I knew the correct things to do but it was sure helpful to see them in print. Yes continue many people are just beginning a pond and the information will be of help to them. no dislike just like. Thanks for your info and it is helpful. B. Garver


  42. My interest lies in farm pond management and just learning about the different weeds, algaes and chemicals available has been very helpful. Looking forward to learning more.

  43. very helpful because I have 3 farm ponds and a water garden

  44. The Q&A has been most helpful! Several times this past season I have had questions, checked out the Q&A and got the answers — wonderful timing and great help for me and my pond. Thank you for all of your help this past season!

  45. Q&A very interesting and helpful, please continue. I do expect to purchase material in th spring Thank yoou Bud Grieneisen

  46. The question/answer format has been extremely helpful. Please continue them.

  47. We appreciat the Q & A’s please keep it going. It has
    been very helpful as we have a 50,000 gallon pond
    with a few koi and lots of goldfish.
    Any ideas on how to capture the goldfish due to over

    Thank you,
    Bill & Charmaine Coomler

  48. VERY helpful. We really rely on this information.
    Thanks so much!!!

  49. The Q & A’s are very helpful. We are learning a lot. Please keep sending them. There is nothing that we dislike about the Q & A’s. It is very thoughtful of you to provide this service to your customers.
    Your company was very helpful to us in designing a waterfall/fish pond/fountain last year. We still have not been able to fill it up with water because of the severe drought in NE Georgia, but hoping for a big snow or something this winter so we can try it out this spring.
    Thanks for being there for us!

  50. yes. especially about farm ponds. keep them up!

  51. Q&A have been very helpful. I would like to see them continue in 2009.


  52. Yes, I read your emails and find them informative and helpful for my pond issues.
    I don’t have a large pond by no means, but the tips have been useful to help me maintain my little pond.
    I have been able to keep in clear and clean this past year.

    Paul Barron

  53. I have received valuable information. Keep up the good work

  54. thank you for sending me the newsletter about pond.
    the Q & A is very helpful. We just built our pond this year, so i like to read what other people ask about there ponds. So keep the Q & A’s going.

  55. The Q and A are almost perfect. The timing was impechable with the ariticles and the season.

    Yes,please continue the Q & A, for this next year.

    I like the way your are doing as it is. Somethings are best just being straight forward and simple.

  56. Information has been useful as questions that I haven’t thought of are answered. This is helpful as a resource foe answering question put before our Master Gardener unit. Continuation is anticipated.

  57. I found your website looking for info on my waterfall and pond in my back yard. Your site has been extremely helpful as it seems many pond owners have the same challenges in keeping their ponds nice. I love my pond and your site has helped me keep it the way it should be kept. I am going to be purchasing a pond vac from your site soon. Just not sure which one. Thanks again,

  58. Good idea however a lot of questions are really redundant. Don’t stop though

  59. Keep up the good work. More info for small fish pond owners would be good. Stuff that newcomers to ponding could use. We newbees have sooooo many questions. Looking forward to seeing you in the spring!

  60. I really appreciate the information your Q&A’s have.
    Keep up the good work!

  61. Yes! Yes! and not much!

    I love the Q & A for two main reasons. 1- They are very educational and serve as a constant reminder that maintaining a healthy pond is a priority for us and should be for all pond “owners”. 2- It is another reason to “nag” my husband into helping with something that (as far as he is concerned) gets shifted over to the “if it ain’t broke- don’t fix it” column. It also serves as kind of “misery loves company” minute when I read that the problems we have are frustrating many more pond owners!

  62. Yes, the question & answer is very helpful. Please continue next year.

  63. I have found the Q & A’s to be very helpful. I would like to see them continue next year. Because of comments from other pond owners I decided to try the defense pac this past year. I could not believe the difference!!! I never imagined the pond could stay so clear. It was so green I could only see the fish when I fed them. Every day I could see it getting better. After about 3 weeks it was crystal clear and stayed that way all summer. Thank you for providing a great, plant and fish safe product.

  64. Some of the questions have been helpful, and I would like to see them continue for next year.
    Some of the things responded to are some what repetative.
    Otherwis good thing.

  65. I thouroughly enjoy the Q & A emails from “The Pond Guy”. Even the ones that don’y pertain to my specific situation are interesting. I appreciate the ability to have questions answered that I didn’t really know where to get the answers.

    Keep up the good work!


  66. I have enjoyed the Q&A segment immensely. So often I have seen “my ” question show up on your page. I have a small farm pond (1 1/2 acres) and you have discussed many issues I face every year. Keep up the good work!
    Thanks, Frank

  67. I have gotten a lot of information from your Q & A – I’m a new pond developer and it has helped answer questions that I havn’t even thought about. My computer always sends it to my SPAM folder so I do have to check before I delete.

  68. your q&a is very informative, i would hate to see it go, please continue, thanks.

  69. 1. Your Q & A’s are helpful. It makes you think about issues you didn’t know of. I have a new 1/4 acre pond and have learned quite a bit from you.

    2. Yes please continue

    3. I like the short to the point answers.

    Keep up the good job.


  70. I find the Q & A quite useful. I hope you will continue it in the future.

  71. I don’t even have a pond, just a small fountain. I do hope to have a bigger fountain in the very near future. I really enjoy your emails and find them very interesting. I would love to have a small pond….and things that you talk about give me food for thought, if and when I ever do have a pond.

  72. Yes the q & a’s have been helpful and I would like to see you continue them next year. We are starting a pond club and I am going to tell them about your website.

  73. My husband and I are new to our pond/water garden and have found the many questions asked and answered to be extremely useful. Thank you.

  74. 1) The Q&A’s have been VERY USEFUL! I have made changes in my preparation for winter based on your comments.
    2)YES, please continue the Q&A’s.
    3)I haven’t found anything to dislike yet. The Q&A’s discuss subjects that might not be known to the pond owner!!!!!!!!!!

  75. very helpful!

  76. 1. Yes
    2. YES
    3. I do not have a pond, but having one is in my future. These questions and answers have helped my greatly in better understanding what to look for and things to avoid. Many thanks!


  77. I started receiving your letter just a couple months ago
    and I find it very valuable and would like it to continue.
    I have a problem with the residue that has built up over the years on the bottom. I have pulled the banks back but I’m still dealing with the bottom and the make up of the water.
    Thank you very much for all you help.
    Joe Downs

  78. Very helpful. Please continue next year!

  79. I have enjoyed and have learned from the Q and A. I hope they continue.

  80. Your Q & A have been very helpful. Don’t change a thing.

  81. There are a lot of newbies out there as well as some seasoned ponders that need to ask Questions and get good straight answers. Your Q & A does a great job. So yes you are helpful. Please do continue next year. I seems like you answer the same Questions over and over. Maybe try to lump some of them together that need the same answer.

  82. i live on the west coast and have very mild winters, today in the middle of november it is 85 degrees. even so i appreciate all of the info for general knowledge and want to thank you.


  83. Yes, continue the Q&A’s, I have found a very helpful hint almost every week. While some things do not apply to me, I read it each week because the answers that have been helpful are worth my time and trouble. Keep up the good work.

  84. I enjoy the Q&As. I’ve been able to get answers to several questions & refresh my knowledge on other things as well.

  85. Love it. Keep it up. Too bad more questions can’t be posted than just 2.

  86. I have learned a great many thiongs thanks to your new Q & A. I have 2 yards ponds with Koi and Comets and I fully enjoy reading about smaller ponds. Thanks to you I have learned that if I want to raise babies I can’t mix the 2. So I have seperated some of the comets and now have babies.
    Marcia O’Neal

  87. Look forward to them.

  88. I really appreciated and benefited from your information. Thank you. Please keep it up. No dislikes, stretching for a criticism to offer, perhaps a bit more clarification whether you are talking ponds or water gardens. But that was mostly my ignorance, not a failing of yours.

  89. I liked the Q&A. I have not yet put in my pond and it has given me a lot to take into consideration for when I do.

  90. Yes, I find your question and answer sessions very interesting and look forward to reading them….I would certainly miss them. you are right about the ‘winter mode’, I am bringing in my Koi tomorrow to winter them in a 10’6 pool down in the basement…not looking forward to this wet, heavy and wet job! Roll on spring.

  91. Q&A’s helpful and interesting. Please continue.

  92. yes, they are a great help, don’t stop publishing them. I’ve learned a lot from the question and answers.


  94. Thanks for all the information. I’ve found your newsletter helpful and your products invaluable. I hope you continue to have the newsletter. Thanks for your efforts.

  95. 1. yes

    2. yes

    3. very informative

  96. Yes please continue the Q&A next year they were a big help to me. Thank you

  97. the Q & A is very useful — good info, timely; please keep it going — your company is a great resource – understated claims coupled w/ good and detailed info — I wish you great continued success and will continue with my meager small pond purchases — thanks again

    Pete E

  98. Don’t Quit!!!
    I love the questions and the answers. We check every single issue for hints on how to care for our pond.

    You are the best.

  99. I do like reading the Q & A, unfortunately the fall and winter doesn’t apply to me since I live in Southwest Florida so my pond is up and running all year round.

  100. 1. Yes, the Q&A’s have been extremely helpful, especially since I just installed my pond about 6 months ago.

    2. Yes, please do continue them next year.

    3. Like: your format distinguishes between large ponds and smaller water gardens.
    Dislike: Can’t think of any.

  101. 1. Yes, the questions have me keep my ond the envy of all my friends and neighbors.
    2. Yes continue, I will be lost without you.
    3. The questions that you answer are all problems that I currently need to address.


  102. YES-YES-YES! I love the questions and answers as it has helped me throughout the season with a number of things. I only have a small backyard pond but I still need help with water conditions, etc. It’s also nice to read that others are having similar questions. And the tips are more than helpful,It’s like having my own personal “Pond Guy”! Please continue these as I have to confess, I read the newsletters “sometimes” but since you put in the questions & answers, I never missed an issue!

  103. Just to answer your survey–I want to give you very positive feedback. I read each of your emails, and I think your topics are very helpful.

  104. Absolutely! Like the set up with separate information for those of us with a small water garden. We read it regularly and always learn something new. Please continue them next year. It is helpful to get things from you that are relevant to the time of year and what is actually going on in the pond.

  105. I don’t have a pond to worry about, would like to build one. I find the questions/answers informative and interesting.

    Hope you keep it going.


  106. I like the pond guy.

    You answer questions that have not come to mind yet.
    Makes me think about the pond when I tend to put it out of mind.
    My pond is what you call a farm pond, its about 1&1/2 acres, it mostly takes care of itself.
    I have used your products and they seem to work well.


    Bob Carr

  107. keep the great information coming. I look forward to your Q&A and plan on using more of your ideas as time and money will allow. thanks again


  109. The Q&A’s have been interesting and informative. Definitley continue them, and there is really nothing I dislike about them. I never miss reading through the Q&A’s.

  110. Yes, please continue these. I have both an ornamental pond and a one acre farm pond, and the weekly hints for both have been helpful.

  111. I have only been reading the q’s and a’s for a few months. I have enjoyed reading and learning and I will miss them if you decide not to continue next year.

  112. I look forward to each e-mail from you. I have a small 5000 gallon pond and a large farm pond, and while I have never asked a question, each answer better educates me on what I need to be doing, Please keep up the info. LtCol Barb Henning

  113. 1. Yes the Q & A’s have been very helpful for my 300 gallon garden pond.

    2.. I believe you should continue the Q & A’s for next year.

    3. What I like was answers to questions about my own garden pond as well as caring for my fish. I run my pond through the winter also and had good luck last year with it. .


  115. Hello
    Yes I like the Q & A. Please keep it!

  116. Yes your Q & A was very good.Keep on posting.Wish i could bring my pond inside. Getting cold here in Jersey!

  117. 1) they have been extremely helpful and i have learned alot.
    2) yes PLEASE!
    3) i like that you include different types of ponds and give examples, pix, etc. and it’s very useful advice!

  118. I have a small water feature with a couple of Koi in it. I have found that the question and answers are very helpful with my small pond. They have also encouraged me to do more research so that my pond well be the best I can make.

    Thanks for your email.

  119. Love your Q&A! I print and/or forward many of them. Please continue!

  120. Yes they have been great.
    I live in Florida and wished I had kepted the Q&A s in a book mark as my issues happen later in the year. Lessoned learned I will from now on.

    Thank you

  121. Yes to all 3 questions. We have a garden pond with 16 Koi in it. We transported the 3 large ones from NJ when we moved here 3 yrs ago. One of the died because she was a female & was filled with eggs that we were not aware of. She tried to get away from the other fish & got caught in the pump area & drowned. But we have the 12 fish that she reproduced & they are all doing fine.

    The notes I get are very helpful & I have printed them out for a file for reference when the time is needed.

    Thanks for your help.

  122. I enjoy your weekly Q & A and find it very informative. Most of the time there is a question that applies to me (a person with both a pond and a water garden). I do not know how many questions you get but I know I submitted one and did not hear back an answer. Are you able to reply to all of the questions you receive?

    Keep this website/email/blog going!

  123. I have found the Q & A’s to be very interesting and informative for me. I hope that you will continue to write/send them.

  124. Some Q&A’s have been helpful. We have a modest hand dug 2 8-9′ diameter pond and waterfall system. Although it is deep enough to support our 2 fish in the Wisconsin Winter, we bring them indoors. This year, they mated and we now have one “baby” living in a small aquarium in our living room. Next year I want to change the filtration system in order to maybe saving more spawn should the breed again. Yours blog is fun to read and helpful to us amateurs.

  125. The blog is great! Very useful information. Keep it going.

  126. Thanks for all the very helpful and useful hints and tips

  127. I do enjoy the questions. They might not always
    apply to me but I do learn from them and might
    need the info someday in the future.
    I find that the questions seem to be more “Midwest”
    applicable which I find helpful since my pond
    is in my Michigan yard. Many of the websites that I
    find, that are for ponds/etc. are in the south, in Florida. That is just not real helpful to me.
    But the majority of the questions seem to apply
    to what I have to deal with here in Michigan and I
    do appreciate that.

  128. Please continue with Q & A’s. Great job !!

  129. I enjoyed all your questions and answers. Believe it or not, (But believe it) there was a bright spot when I saw the email to read the answers to help me with our pond and waterfall. It was great to know what I was doing right or wrong. Thank you and please continue next spring when we need to start the whole season over again.

  130. I have enjoyed your newletters. What is the best enviroment to store the extra chemicals so they will be usable next year?
    Don Mandley

  131. Please continue Q-A. They are very help full.

    Thank you

  132. I really find these posts to be helpful. I am just starting a koi pond this year and I am eager to find out as much as possible. I appreciate reading about pitfalls-algae,aeration- so I can avoid as many problems with my pond as possible. Please continue next year!

  133. Yes, the Q 7 A’s have been very educational to me especially since I have no experience in this field.

    Please continue.

    It’s fine like it is.


  134. Yes and Yes. I’m new to ponding with just building our first pond this summer, and the Q & A’s have been extremely helpful. So please, continue next year. I’ll be looking forward to info and advice pertaining to opening of the pond (probably sometime in March). Thanks much!

  135. The Q & As were very helpful.
    Please continue them.
    I like the succinct, practical and useful answers to the
    appropriate questions!

  136. I love the Q&A,, I learn a lot from it. Please keep it on.
    People have pond problems just like mine, but they talk about it far better them I do.
    I have learned a lot on what not to do too!

  137. Please continue with the Q & A. It is very helpful and very timely. I rely on the Q & A because the questions are what I am normally trying to find the answer to.

    Keep up the good work. Nice site. I have been able to help the wildlife and pondlife in my area b/c of your site and products. We love our fountain.


  138. The Q & A have been extremely helpful. We just a water feature in this year, I’m new at this and the information was very useful. Persoanlly, I would not change a thing and I hope you continue. I appreciate the help as well as the products you sell.
    Thank you very much.

  139. I really enjoy receiving the Q&A’s. If the question concerns me, it provides the answers I am looking for. This is quick way for me to keep up on the maintenece issues of my pond.
    I would like to see these continue. The format is wonderful. In a short amount of time, I can tell if I need to read further or move on. Thank you!

  140. I really like the Q & A. Its intresting & helpful

  141. Yes, we found your posts helpful!! Please do not stop! We’re relying on you!
    From a totally personal aspect, we’d like to see more solar options in pond care as our ponds are quite some distance away from the house, and power sources.
    Looking forward to hearing from you next season!!

  142. Pond Guy: Keep up the Q & A. I got a lot of good information from them and appreciate your efforts to educate us and keep our pond hobby trouble free. Dave

  143. Please don’t quit the Q and A section I have enjoyed it very much. I only have a very small pond and water fall but you have helped me with a number of questions I had. This is my first pond. Where I live in Northeast New Mexico, I let my water fall run last winter and only had a little ice that was easy to remove. And the Gold fish made it thru the winter fine. only to be eaten by a Bob Cat or Mountain Loin this summer, so we had to get more fish and now have a protective grate over it.
    I do hope you continue the Q and A next season.
    Thank you , Lois

  144. answers to your questions:
    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Didn’t pay much attention to the farm ponds.

  145. I have learned a great deal from your Q&A’s and sure hope that you continue them next year.

    Your people are very good about answering questions over the telephone but the advantage of the column is that it can be printed for future reference.

  146. Yes, please continue the Pond Q&A. I have a spot and plan to do a small pond and I’m learing a lot from you. I hopefully will be able to start mine in the spring.

    Thanks so much !


  147. The Q&A have been helpful and I would like for you to continue them next year. I have a small water feature in my railroad garden in the back of the house and in my flower garden in the front of the house, so I am interested in the info about water gardens rather than ponds. Thank you for your help and quality products.

  148. Q&A is a great thing. I enjoy hearing about other concerns that also apply to my water garden. Keep it going!

  149. I think all of the Q’s & A’s have been very helpful and think they should continue next year. Sometimes I don’t think of the question until someone else ask’s it and think ‘That was a great question!” it reminds me of something I may have been having a problem with or it gives me the answer before a problem arises. Either way I think it should stay.

  150. 1.) Have the Q & A’s been helpful to you? Yes love it keep them coming

    2.) Should we continue them for next year? OMG YES

    3.) What do you like or dislike about the Q & A? What is there to dislike? I like it all Thank You for your time doing this for us.

  151. When do I need to stop feeding my koi and goldfish for the winter?

  152. 1) Yes, the Q&A’s have been very helpful to me.

    2) Please do continue for next year.

    3) I like all of the Q&A’s.

    There is always something I did not know and learn from it,

    and some I already know and confirm my knowledge.

  153. Yes, please keep the q&a coming. Personally, I love your emails.

    Keep up the great work!


  154. Oh my goodness yes, PLEASE continue the newsletter/blog!!!! I don’t have a pond yet, its still in the planning stages and all the great Q&A’s have REALLY helped us plan well! Please continue the great work!!!

  155. Yes to all of the questions.

  156. First off I want to thank the gal that I talked with last summer about my little fish pond. I could not keep the green water and algae out of it. She suggested a filter with a light and it worked like a charm. I only had to turn the light on a couple of times during the season.I have been helped with the Q&A a lot with my pond. We remove the fish and plants for the winter and drain the pond as it really is not deep enough to protect the fish or plants. I am not sure if my water lilies will survive the winter but I know they will freeze if I leave them out in the pond. Thanks again for all of you help.
    Yours Truly,,Joyce Wilson

  157. Enjoy reading the hints and Q&A throughout the year.

  158. Yes, I read over all the questions and answers in your newsletter. I would LOVE for it to continue. Thanks for all your information. My fish thank you also…Sue McQ :O)

  159. YES, Questions have been helpful

    YES, Continue next year

    Like what I have seen this year about Q&A

  160. Q & A’s have been very informative, but often quite repetitive. Maybe a direct link to the archives, in the weekly email, instead of the duplication, would make reading easier. K

  161. yes I have really learned alot about ponds and since I am a first time pond owner with fish and everything other peoples question have also helped me keep up the good work I really like being able to ask question and not look so dumb thanks again


  163. Keep up the GREAT work especially on farm ponds

  164. I have both enjoyed and have learned a lot from your Q & A’s. Yes, please continue. I have no suggestions about to improve that section.

  165. The Q&A are awesome. Subjects came up that I never thought about. I like your format and my suggestion would be to continue along your thought pattern.

  166. 1. yes it’s been a great help, i wanted to start one but don’t have the time but soon will.

    2. oh please yes keep it going

    3. there really no comments on this from what you say about one thing for the pond or water garden will effect on other times if not do the work properly and i have work on farm and wish this was running back in the 70’s but we try our best but we moved from that town and heard they had it filled don’t want to mess with the water oh man but my father now has a water garden with some koy and had some problem so i told him about this website. it help understand more about the water and fish. thank you for doing this work for people to know on this pond problem

  167. YES! Please continue the Q & A posts. They have been a great help and service just the way they are.

  168. The Q and A have been very helpful and I have acted based on some of them.
    Yes, please do it again next year.
    There is nothing about it I don’t like.
    John Bangs, a customer.

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