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Is There Anything I Should Be Doing to My Pond During the Winter? – Pond & Lake Q & A

Picture of a pond during the winter.

Q: Is there anything I should be doing to my pond during the winter? – Cindy of Colorado

A: During the winter season there are just a couple things you should be continuing to do help make the following spring a breeze:

Continue to run your aeration system: As I’ve said many time before and will always continue to say it…aeration is important. Continue to run your aeration throughout the winter to help prevent winter fish kills as well as promote an overall healthy pond.

Add pond dye & natural bacteria: Now is a great time to use Pond Dye PLUS 2 in 1 Natural Bacteria with Nature’s Blue™ before the ice begins to accumulate. Not only will this continue to shade your pond, it will also add a boost of beneficial bacteria that will go to work to break down fall leaves and debris.

Remove any dead debris from around the pond: Remove dying or dead cattails, tree branches or twigs from around the edges. Allowing these to decay in your pond throughout the winter will add more nutrients for algae and pondweeds to grow during the spring. Doing these few things will help for a great spring!

7 Responses

  1. Richard Hooley,

    As long as the water temperature is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit you are good to use Pond-Clear. Usually the water temperature can still be above 50 degrees Fahrenheit through most of November. Some climates in the south will never have the water drop below 50 degrees so we still recommend it for them. Usually, for most of us, once we are into December, would stop using Pond-Clear.

  2. I always thought that putting the bacteria pond clear in the water when it is cool doesnt work very good are we not just wasteing our money by putting pond clear in the water this time of year Mrs Hooley

  3. […] Posts Is There Anything I Should Be Doing to My Pond During the Winter? – Pond & Lake Q & A – Week…How Do I Winterize My Aquatic Plants? – Water Garden Q & A – Week Ending October 18thShould I […]

  4. Jerome Gabrovic,

    “Super-cooling” is a great question! I will make sure it is apart of this weeks Q & A!

    The Pond Guy

  5. Karen,
    When to stop feeding your fish all has to do with the water temperature. When the temperature of the water falls below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, then it would be time to stop feeding your fish altogether.

    Here is post regarding when to stop feeding your fish: Changing to a Wheatgerm Fish Food as the Temperatures Get Cooler

  6. Do we keep feeding the goldfish or not? They seem to keep swimming around looking for food but the Koi are not.

  7. This is at odds with a recent article in Pond Boss where they say aerating in colder climates can overcool the water.

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