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Can I Leave My Fountain Running During the Winter? – Pond & Lake Q & A

Picture of Fountain Running in Winter.

Q: I have a decorative fountain in my pond. Can I leave it running for the Winter? – Andy of Minnesota

A: No. Just look at the picture to the left. Although it may look neat, the consequences are great. If you left your fountain running during the Winter, the ice, over time, will freeze around
it. This can cause severe damage to the fountain. The prop could freeze and burn the motor out or the float could crack causing the fountain to sink to the bottom!

Removing the fountain: Remove and store the fountain in a cool, dry place. This is also a great time to scrub and clean the fountain. Remove any debris or algae from anywhere around the prop. Once squeaky clean, store until the Spring.

6 Responses

  1. Ron,

    Since you live in Florida, you will probably never have an issue with the water getting cool enough to harm your fish. Up here in Michigan, we’ve left our koi and goldfish in throughout the winter in our water garden with no problems. And our water will freeze. The only thing we have to do is to keep a hole open in the ice to allow toxic gases from underneath the ice to escape.

    Two things to remember regarding fish and water during the winter months. One, a fish’s respiratory system slows way down and thus they do not require as much oxygen to survive. Two, colder water holds more oxygen than warmer water.

    I would suggest continuing to run your system since you have to issues with freezing temperatures and you should be just fine.

    Thanks for the question!

  2. I live in Florida in an area that never freezes over but during Jan and Feb the temperature go’s below freezing several times at night. My water garden has a water fall and a water mill. I heard running water reduces the water temp. Should I shut them down in the winter to protect the goldfish and Koi?? If so what about air for the fish?

  3. It’s actually a pretty picture, but thanks for the advice. I know better now, not to do that. ‘Preciate it.

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  5. Rebecca Janes,

    I would refer you to this blog post, Can I Run My Waterfall/Stream Throughout the Winter

    Hopefully this helps! Thanks for your comment!

  6. I put in a 3300 gal. Bermuda pond with skimmer and waterfall. Can I leave in running all winter?

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