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Pond Vacuums Will Make Cleaning Out Your Water Garden Easy – Water Garden Q & A

Q: I have leaves and muck on the bottom of my water garden. I was looking at your pond vacuums. Why is there such a difference in the price between the two models? Is either of them worth the money? – Vicki of California

A: The question really should be “how do you own a pond without owning a vacuum”? Would you put carpet in your house and not have a vacuum? Well, this may be a little extreme but there is some truth to the statement.

First, let consider why we need to vacuum our ponds:

As time passes by, our ponds accumulate “muck” from leaves, fish waste, uneaten fish food, lily pads,etc. This “muck” is very high in nutrients and a great food source for algae! Although we do suggest a complete cleanout each and every spring, this is sometimes not an option, especially every year. So having the ability to remove waste without removing all the water is a huge advantage. In general, you will only lose about 10-15% of your water after a complete vacuuming, which is just the right amount for a small water change to freshen up the pond.

Which vacuum is right for you?

The real decision when choosing between the Pond-O-Matic XL or the Pond-O-Vac  III really only comes down to a couple of questions. How large your pond is and how often you will need to vacuum?

If you have a smaller pond (less then 300 sq. ft) then a Pond-O-Matic XL will be sufficient: The Pond-O-Matic XL features a automatic fill-and-drain system that senses when the vacuum basin is full and automatically shuts off, drains and then turns back on. You will get a good 30-45 seconds of cleaning time between each drain with the drain time approximately the same. So 45 seconds of cleaning could take you up to 90 seconds.

Larger ponds (over 300 sq. ft.) and ponds that receive an excessive amount of debris would be great candidates for the Pond-O-Vac III. The biggest advantage of this “Cadillac” of pond vacuums is its ability to drain a pump at the same time. This is a real time-saving operation because it does not have to stop and drain before continuing.

Other advantages of the Pond-O-Vac III:

  • 5-year warranty compared to the 2-year warranty of the Pond-O-Matic XL.
  • Clear vacuum extension for monitoring operation.
  • Build in rack for to conveniently store and organize accessories.
  • Build-in wheels for greater mobility.

3 Responses

  1. the Pond-O-Vac III – I can not believe I had a pond all these years without getting a pond vacuum. When I increased from 1000 gl to 4500 gl – it became a no-brainer. I definitely recommend to anyone. It is well worth the extra few dollars on initial cost.

  2. Judi,

    Yes, now is a great time to clean-out your water garden with a Pond-O-Vac III. My best suggestion is to make sure you have pond netting handy because your going to want to place that over your water garden when your done cleaning it out. This will prevent any leaves to accumulate in your water garden after you’ve just cleaned it.

    Hope this helps!

  3. I have a Pond-o-vac III and was wondering if I could use it now, this late in the season, to rid my pond of a lot of muck that has built up this year? My pond is 1500 gal. and I usually do a complete water change every spring with water from the lake we live on, (Wixom Lake), but was unable to do one this year due to illness. This pond is 15 yrs old and I have never lost any fish to deaths other than to preditors. I have 3 filters going with 2 waterfalls. In the winter I discontinue the filters and add a deep well airstone with a air pump for aeration.

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