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Season-Long Control with the DefensePAC® – Water Garden Q & A

DefensePAC® - Treats up to a 2,000 gallon water garden for 6 months

Q: There are so many different products on the market and I don’t know what to use. The other day I tried something new for green water and had some of my fish die. I don’t even know if what I am using is fish safe? I want my pond clear although I have plants and do not want to harm any more fish. Is this possible? – William of Ohio

A: We know exactly how you feel. It seems whenever you look on store shelves or search online there is an overwhelming selection of water garden products that can confuse even the most seasoned pond guy or gal. Well, I think I have your answer with one easy-to-use product called the DefensePAC® by PondLogic®. The DefensePAC® is not only a customer favorite but it has won the Green Thumb Award and was awarded the Member Tested Seal of Approval from the National Gardening Association. The DefensePAC® consist of the following:

Oxy-Lift™ Defense® – The Pond Cleaner: Sprinkle over areas affected with debris and this pond cleaner will simply”lift” and detach these debris from rocks, streams and waterfalls. Use as needed to make cleaning a breeze.

Nature’s Defense® – The Pond Balancer: This natural bacteria is designed to go to work to break down organics in your water garden. These organics, if left alone, are a food resource for algae. Comes in an easy-to-use water soluble packet that you just toss in. We suggest using Nature’s Defense® every two weeks throughout the season when water temperatures are above 50° Fahrenheit.

Clarity Defense® – The Pond Clarifier: This product is very unique and will do quite a bit to help your pond along. Clarity Defense® will lock up excess nutrients making them unavailable as a food source for algae as well as settle suspended particulates out of the water column to clear the water. It will also stimulate natural bacteria growth and buffer pH levels.

Muck Defense® – The Muck Reducer: This natural bacteria accelerates the decomposition of organic matter caused from rotting leaves, algae and fish waste. This is great for water gardens that were constructed with rocks and gravel that are difficult to vacuum. Comes in a tablet that sinks to the water garden’s bottom to go to work immediately. We suggest using once every 4 weeks throughout the season when water temperatures are above 50° Fahrenheit.

Seasonal Defense® – The Autumn, Winter & Spring Prep: For the cooler months of the year, this cool temperature natural bacteria will work to decompose leaves, scum and other sediment that accumulate during the fall and winter months. It is best when used during late fall and early Spring. In the Spring, Seasonal Defense will replenish winter bacteria loss to help jump start your filters. Comes in an easy-to-use water soluble packet. Use Seasonal Defense® every week for 4 weeks in late fall and in the early Spring.

The DefensePAC® is a great way to keep your water garden, clean, clear and healthy. Its safe for people, pets, fish & wildlife. It is very easy to use and is satisfaction guaranteed. This package will treat a 2,000 gallon water garden for up to 6 months. Don’t forget all Pond Logic® products are satisfaction guaranteed.

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  1. […] You can prevent many potential health issues throughout your fish population by simply maintaining a clean and healthy pond. You can read more about pond maintenance here. […]

  2. We recently bought the bucket DefensePAC to treat our 2000 gal. backyard pond. We are really surprised by the quick results. In the past we would yearly rent a 2″ trash pump at Home Depot. It would take us about 6 hours to drain, remove our 24 koi, and then spray wash the stones and gravel.

    We are now going to use the products included in the Defense Pac bucket. We rate this product at the highest scale.

    • Hi Gregory,

      That is great to hear!! We love it when our customer get to spend more time enjoying the pond rather then maintaining it. We’d love to see some pictures…

  3. We have a small, largely tree shaded water feature consisting of a rock spring, a rocky creek some 60 feet in length discharging into a rock surrounded pool measuting aboit 3’0″ across and the same depth wih a pump discharging into a 1-1/2″ flex pipe recharging the spring.. It roughly calculates to about 150 gallons of water coursing at about 12 gpm.
    How might we properly proportion your DEFENSE PAC 5 part solution designed to treat up to 2000 gallons to properly accomodate this much smaller feature. if directly proportional to size, your price would translate to roughly $10.00 per six month treatment which sounds quite reasonable.
    might this also preclude our planned screen frame designed to limit leaf and seed drops in season?

    • Roger,

      If i’m reading your comment correctly, your saying that you have a 150 gallon water feature. And attached to that is a 60 foot stream. If this is the case, and since your feature is small in size, you could probably get away with just using Nature’s Defense & Muck Defense instead of the whole 5-product DefensePAC. Hope this answers your question!

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