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What is This Black Mucky Stuff on the Bottom of My Pond & How Do I Get Rid of It? – Pond & Lake Q & A

Muck Boots Stepping in Muck

Q: What is this black mucky stuff on the bottom of my pond and how do I get rid of it? – Several Customers

A: Over time, organics such as leaves, aquatic weeds or twigs fall into the pond and settle on the bottom. These organics slowly begin to decay and will create a mucky layer on the bottom of your pond. As time passes, this muck layer will get thicker and thicker. Before you know it, you’ll step into your pond and sink a foot down in muck. Muck is also a food source for algae and pond weeds. As the muck layer grows, so will your problems with algae and pond weeds. So how do we combat muck? Below are a few suggestions:

The best way to combat muck is to use a beneficial, natural bacteria called MuckAway™. MuckAway™ is an aerobic bacteria that instantly activates when put into water and will eat away the muck at an accelerated rate. When used with aeration, you can see up to 3-5″ dissipate per year.

Just remember, any organic matter that goes into your pond will create more muck. The more muck, the more food source for algae and pond weeds. Finding ways to reduce the amount of organics going into your pond is a must. For instance, cutting your grass away from the pond, instead of directly in it or removing twigs and tree branches that have fallen into the pond using a Pond & Beach Rake.

One more way to reduce muck is to use a bottom bubbler aeration system. Aerobic bacteria, like PondClear™, will break down muck at an even faster rate when there is saturated oxygen levels in your pond’s water. Aeration also has many other benefits besides breaking down muck, such as clearing the water column of sediments, reducing the chances of fish kills or turnover and eliminating a pond’s thermocline. (Read more about the benefits of aeration here)

4 Responses

  1. We had our unmaintained 1 acre pond just dug out. It was VERY mucky…..black/wet dirt. Would you suggest a windmill? I read aeration may reduce muck? What windmill or aeration device would you use?

    • Hi Julie – Windmills can provide some aeration if you do not have an electrical source, however systems that utilize an electrical compressor are much more constant and do a better job of keeping pond water well aerated, especially in a 1 acre pond. Airmax Aeration Systems can be run all year and can be placed up to 1,000 feet away from the pond. If you would like more information we can also provide a free aeration mapping for your pond.

  2. We are on a 500 acre lake and have 150 feet of frontage. I would like to get rid o f the muck on our acorss our lakefront and out 50 yards so kids can swim. What do you suggest for that size body of water?

    • Hi Kathy,

      We would recommend using Muck Away. This product can be concentrated in your frontage and reduce muck within your area. While you still will have new nutrients coming in the Muck Away will be able to make an impact.

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