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How Do I Get Debris or Algae Off of My Water Garden’s Rocks, Streams & Waterfalls? – Water Garden Q & A

Q: How do I get debris or algae off of my water garden’s rocks, streams and waterfalls? – Several Customers

A: As the Summer progresses, the weather gets hotter and algae begins to grow on your streams, waterfalls and rocks. Sometimes using AlgaeFix® just isn’t enough to remove the algae from the rocks. It will kill the algae, but the algae stays stuck to the rocks. It seems sometimes you need a steel wool brush to scrub the algae off.

My suggestion, when you have debris of algae on rocks, is to use a product called Oxy-Lift™. Oxy-Lift™ is designed to lift these debris off of rocks for easy removal.

Simply turn your pump off and sprinkle the affected areas with Oxy-Lift™. Wait 10 minutes and turn your pump back on. You may need a hose to spray away the additional debris, but no more scrubbing! If you have a skimmer installed in your pond, it will catch the debris as they are washed in by the waterfall. Or you can skim it yourself with a skimmer net.

6 Responses

  1. The reason you have algae is you have high nitrates in the water and probably not enough current.
    Remove the nitrates and the algae will disapear.
    Here is what i would do.
    Install an appropriate size UV steralizer inline with the pump, this will kill free floating algae.
    Install a pump to create current in the pond.
    Install a protein skimmer and for gods sake install fish and inhabitants to clean up the rest.
    Crayfish, snails, and a few bull head should do.
    Some algae is a good thing as it will reduce nitrates and clean the water.
    Desirable water plants will also starve out the algae.

  2. I have found that no matter what product you use to remove algae from the pond and rocks, nothing is going to clean it 100% nor keep it clean for very long. It’s constant attention and honestly, the only recommendation I have is to use a high pressure water nozzle, and hit the rocks with it every few days to once a week….run the skimmer at the same time and add some Algaefix or barley. I just let the skimmer do the rest of the work for a few hours and the pond is usually very clean and clear after that. I have had no problems with string algae for the past 3 years by doing this…and I live in the desert where it grows rampant otherwise. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dick,

    Your right, Oxy-Lift works great around the edges of the water garden, exposed rocks, waterfalls and stream beds using the correct dose of product. When you begin to get deeper than 6″ of water, more product will be needed.

    We have had success in using Oxy-Lift for lifting leaves on the bottom of the water garden during Fall clean-outs. Now in order for that to work, more product was needed to create the oxygen to lift those leaves to the surface.

  4. When dealing with Mother Nature, you can expect some to get eaten. Koi will also eat their own young as well, so if your looking to breed them, its best to remove the young and place them in a different area.

    Creating a “bog area” with an assortment of bogs plants is a way to help keep down some of the consumption of the mosquito fish, toad eggs, baby tadpoles and nymphs.

    Another thing you can do is to make sure your feeding your koi. By feeding them with fish food and feeding them in the same area every time, they will get used to the fact, that if they want food, they will go to that designated area.

    Hopefully this helps.

  5. I was told Oxy Lift only works on rocks exposed or not submerged. I found that out after I used a whole container sprinklering it on the calm water surface over the rocks.

  6. We have a 4 ft. deep 8 x 11 pond with 2 waterfalls that we built ourselves and would like to add Koi. Right now, all that is in our pond are mosquito fish and dragonfly nymphs. Early springtime brings the toads to the pond to lay numerous eggs. Within two days there are tadpoles. My question is, will the Koi eat the mosquito fish, toad eggs, baby tadpoles and nymphs and if so, how can I keep all my water creatures happy without them being consumed by the Koi?
    Thank you,
    Annette Cherry

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