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Finding a Leak in Your Liner – Water Garden Q & A

Picture of a Waterfall

Q: I opened my water garden up for the Spring/Summer and its seems as though I have a leak? But I don’t know where? Any suggestions? -Several Customers

A: Having a leak in your water garden can always be frustrating. I hope to shed some light on some great ways to detect where your leak is located.

1.) Bottom Leak – The first way to test for a leak is to turn off the waterfall system and check to see how far the water drops. If it drops all the way to the bottom of the pond, then we know for sure that the leak is on the bottom of the pond. This could be caused by a bottom drain or sharp rock edges. It would be suggested to place your fish in another place while checking this.

2.) Side Leak – If the system is off and the water level drops and seems to stay at a certain point, then there is a side leak. The best way to find a side leak is to wait until the water level stays at that certain point. You may have to shift some rocks around in order to locate exactly where the leak is. A liner patch will easily fix these types of leaks.

3.) Waterfall/Stream Leak – If you turn off your waterfall/stream/pump system and the water level doesn’t drop, then the leak is somewhere within that system. It could be water spilling over the edge of a stream instead of going back into the pond. The fittings on the waterfall or filter could be leaking. The Flex PVC or kink free tubing from the pump to the waterfall/filter could be leaking.

2 Responses

  1. I think my small leak may be in one of the little indents, or pool like places, after each set of falls…where I have used the waterfall sealant to secure the flat stones.
    These stones have seen a lot of walking over the years, and ‘may’ have torn part of the liner in those areas, as I do not believe that the leak is in the main pond area, because I have searched very closely, and used food color too, attempting to track any water movement to any holes.
    My question. Do you think using additional waterfall foam in the areas I described might be enough to seal any leak in those areas. I know the foam is not for sealing liners…but do you believe it might work, or be at least a quick fix?

    • Hi Terry – While the foam may not seal the leak completely it may slow it down by keeping the water away from the area. If you can manage to find the leak you may also be able to use some sealer to close off the area first and then use foam to fill in after. Have you tried turning off the waterfall to see if the water level continues to drop?

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