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Why are my koi chasing each other? – Decorative Ponds & Water Gardens Q & A

Why are my koi chasing each other?

Why are my koi chasing each other? Christie – Moline, IL

The Thrill of the Chase

Just like any other pet, Koi provide pond guys and gals everywhere with entertainment and companionship. So now your new found finned friends are chasing each other around and being rather aggressive towards each other. This violent activity may seem disturbing to us but for your Koi it is actually a natural process. No your fish have not transformed your water garden in their very own fight club; this is their way of courting each other.

With Friends Like You…

So nothing says love like bashing your partner into a few plants and rocks right? What you are seeing is the male Koi(s) chasing the female around the pond trying to push the eggs out of her by pinching her between rocks or other males. It is during this process that the eggs are released into the water and fertilized. While we may have been a little slow to realize love is in the air … or in your pond rather, there are still a few things you can do to help your Koi have a successful spawning season.

Bring On The Plants: Adding Aquatic Plants like Hornwort and Water Hyacinth in your pond will provide excellent surface area for freshly laid eggs to attach to and will also provide coverage for them.

Keep It Clean: It is important that you keep the water in your pond clean and free from disease while the fry are developing. Perform regular water changes and use Water Conditioner when adding new water to remove any chlorine and toxic heavy metals from your tap or well water. Make sure you are adding Pond Salt to the water to keep fish stress down and also help prevent diseases.

Survival of the fittest…

After the fry hatch, you may not see the new additions until they become big enough to fend for themselves. Once they hatch they hide and fight for survival. Koi are not loving parents, they tend to eat their own eggs and fry. Out of thousands of eggs koi lay, only a select few will survive.

As your new additions began to grow, there will be added ammonia and nitrates in the pond. If you plan to keep these new Koi make sure you are providing adequate Filtration in your pond and you are not deviating from a practical fish load for your size pond. Having more fish in your pond than your filtration can handle will lead to additional more severe algae blooms and muck accumulation. It is important that you keep adding beneficial bacteria such as Nature’s Defense® or Muck Defense® to break this waste down.

Pond Talk: Have you seen baby koi in your water garden?

Pond Logic® Pond Salt

6 Responses

  1. In April, 2013, I put one small Koi and one small common Goldfish into my pond. Have no other fish. In June, 2014, I find my small pond has many tiny black fish! I can only assume they are the offspring of the Koi and Goldfish.

  2. Useful thread if your pond is in good shape; didn’t know about Pond Salt or Natures Defence. Condition of the water really is critical even in a smaller 6-10,000 litre so any expert advice is welcomed.

    My mix of Koi; 5-10″, 2 larger 11-15″ and a few fairly large goldfish do chase into/during the summer months although no fry so far, pond has been established for 3-4 years with good planting. Regular filtration cleans, water checks, topping up and other ‘maintenance’ must be done so don’t bite off more than you can chew, I.e pond size.

    I’m hopefully something may happen, we’ll have to wait and see.

  3. About a month ago I watched this spawning process. The thing that drew my attention was particularily a red, white and black koi and a black with tinge of orange koi being chased by all the other koi. As they circled the pond near the surface these two would occassionally come up under the Water Hyacinth and “flop on their sides”. At first I was just entertained
    but then as I moved to the edge, I saw hundreds/ thousands of tiny minute while colored eggs being dispursed each time this happened. It was amazing.

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